I was looking around my bedroom last night and I noticed the many papers lying all over the place. “Where do all these come from?” I thought, and then I sat down to figure it out. Each week I attend some kind of church service or function four times for sure. my younger children account for 8 church papers per week minimum. Each school day Ryan brings home at least one paper from 1st grade. Every Thursday we get two Thursday folders from my kids. Each Thursday folder contains an average of 10 papers. My older kids rarely bring home papers, so I will just leave those out. So far the weekly total is 33 papers from my kids, and that is not to mention the papers we receive such as church bulletins, prayer lists, Bible study guides, and the never ending mail/junk mail.

The point of this rundown is basically to let everyone know, it is okay if your desk/table/counter is buried under a pile of papers that never seem to disappear. I have meticulously sorted, filed, shredded, trashed, and even framed papers, but they keep coming back and trying to take over. It is like a bad twilight zone episode. Anyway, if I ever come to any of your houses, don’t worry about shutting doors and stashing paperwork piles in closets, because I do understand. Husbands, please give your wives a break and ease up on the clutter issue (or visa-versa if the guys are the ones who handle that). Each paper looked at, piled up, thrown away, filed, or shredded; has taken minutes from the organizers time that she/he will never have again. The piles of papers are signs that the sorter cares enough to want to take their time and look at them before throwing them away, which (I think) deserves some appreciation.


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  1. My wife kept every paper she ever got from every class at every school. Boxes and boxes. We cleaned out the gage a couple years ago, and she agreed to get rid of some… if I got rid of some of my weird art supplies… It was the most difficult choice I ever had to make.

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