Anti Useless Words Campaign

While cleaning the counters and I heard one of my son’s friends say “Oh my g_____”. I told him not to say that and my son quickly replied “can he say oh my gosh” and shortly after that, “can he say oh my“. Soon after that discussion, I heard the boys saying “dude, ________. As I was noticing the frequency of seemingly pointless words, the little girls came downstairs and said “we are like moving out”. (They had packed little suitcases).

This got me thinking of why we feel the need to use words that really have no purpose. Which of course got me thinking about Little House on the Prairie…yes, that is how my mind works. I don’t remember Nellie saying “Oh my _______. I am like, so totally going to push you into the mud dude.”

So, I am going to start an anti-useless words campaign. For one day I am going to try to not say anything that doesn’t have any purpose to see how hard it is. If you would like to join me, just comment back “Dude, I am like, so, totally in.” Let’s make the world a quieter (which always seems smarter) place.


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