Things men do better than women.

Pass gas – *rated on volume, frequency, pitch and smell

Sweat – it looks like they’ve been working hard if they just step outside

Drive…please don’t hate me ladies, it’s just true

Cook – (Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, Cake Boss, Grill Master…) to bad they don’t do it more

Save stuff – heroic rescues, worn out shoes, burnt up spark plugs, stray hardware, empty toilet paper rolls, etc.

Things women do better than men:

Gossip – *rated on volume, frequency, pitch and smell 😉

Look pretty – Before all you drag queens send hate mail, who are you trying to look like?

Organize – aesthetically pleasing, practical, ease of use, etc.

Listen – (we can talk more too)

Have Babies – Before you say that men can’t physically have babies, remember that pregnant man several years ago? Haven’t heard much about him lately, maybe it’s because women are better at having babies.





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