Hackers are people too…

Since my facebook and more recently my email have been hacked, I have been thinking about these people who we all know sit around in their boxers all day trying to destroy as many people as possible.

I decided that in the name of political correctness, I should probably change my mental image of these grossly obese nerdy people who have nothing better to do. In theory, these people could actually be very different from the way I picture them. They could be:

  • Alien abductees implanted with a device that allows them to access other human’s information and transmit that information back to their abductors who will use it to distribute fake “enhancement” products which are actually more implants.
  • Teenagers who spent their childhood with a creepy mother saying “They’re all gonna laugh at you” and who now want to destroy everything they touch.
  • Cat’s who are trying to take over the world…don’t worry, the dogs are coming up with a plan to save us. (Actually, since I am a cat person, I think it is the other way around; although I’m not sure dogs would have the intelligence to try something like that).
  • Idiot savants who can only access other people’s info but can’t create their own.
  • Plankton from the Sponge Bob show who is only looking for the Crabby Patty recipe mixed in with all of our info.

So, next time someone gets your information, remember that it could be some poor soul, and just change your passwords, restore your computer, alert the credit bureaus, etc. and say a prayer for the poor person/thing that can’t help but destroy people’s life.


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