I’m in!

After being a prisoner in my home for the past three months (I got to go out sometimes with a walker, but I use a wheelchair most of the time and we didn’t have a ramp); I got up the courage to make a ramp into our garage.

There is just one step so I put some barbell weights staggered like stairs and placed a card table on it. My wheelchair is about 400 pounds, so I wasn’t sure if it would hold up, but I tried anyway and guess what? I made it…no broken bones, doors, card table, weights, etc! Now I can take the kids to Dollar General, Subway, a Donut shop, a bank, a liquor store…ok, scratch that last one.

As you can tell I am pretty excited and just wanted to share that. Being disabled does not mean you are helpless or any less creative than anyone else. In fact, I might just write a post about that. Thanks for letting me share my excitement.

6 thoughts on “I’m in!

    • Thank you! I am just really excited that I can get outdoors more too. I already could go out with the walker, but I usually just stayed on the porch. My kids are clearing a path in the garage now so we can go on our first outing together since I broke my hip. They are excited too.

  1. Congratulations! My mom became an amputee after a serious car accident when I was younger and was in a wheelchair for a long time so I know how it can be to feel like you are a prisoner in the house! Hopefully cooler weather will come soon so you can really enjoy the freedom with your kids!

    • Thanks! I am sorry to hear about your mom though…I guess you just can’t prepare for everything, so you should enjoy each small victory. (reached more than practiced in my world but you caught me on a good day). I think that disabled people do the impossible every day. Congratulations on having a courageous Mom!

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