Things to do when I’m gone

No, I’m not dying…just going to visit my parents, which I guess is similar to dying…(just kidding Mom and Dad).

Unfortunately, they live in a little bitty town in Nebraska; the land of corn and buffalo and super tiny towns far away from anything as cool as Wal-Mart. Since my parents are also from a different era, this means no computers.

Awww don’t cry, I know you’ll miss me, but I’ll be back (as long as we don’t run into a killer tumble-weed or something like that).

Since I care about all my readers, I have written two posts which will magically present themselves on days I didn’t actually write them. ( I didn’t want you going through withdrawals). With that said, there are only two pre-written posts, and we will be gone for almost a week, so I have written some ideas to keep you entertained…

  • Check out my Blogroll – Don’t ask me how I connected with all those blogs, there is a little bit of everything in there, but they are all good.
  • Watch Saturday Night Live reruns – although they are sometimes pretty goofy, they are entertaining.
  • Read all my other posts – Wheelchair Sexy, Rules for Being a PessimistWhy I hate to Cook, and Public Service Announcement are some of my favorites, but there are a lot of other great ones too.

I will be returning probably next Thursday and if I haven’t forgotten how to type, due to the higher altitude, small town mentality, etc., I will start entertaining the masses and returning your comments. 😉

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