Things I’m Too Cheap to Do: Top Ten

Animated image of a thief running with a pile of money

#10. Become an alcoholic – Although it is debatable whether or not I would actually follow this path, my cheapness is definitely a factor involved in this decision.

#9. Skydive – (landing with a walker might be a little difficult as well as the cost).

#8. Get plastic surgery – I’m not going to get too specific here, but let’s just say 1 thing’s too big, a couple of things too little, and something could use resurfacing (to all you men out there – already tried sandpaper…doesn’t work).

#7. Take dancing lessons – (the walker/wheelchair might present a problem with this one also).

#6. Send my kids to private school – Before you public school moms say “public school is just fine”, you private school moms say “it really is worth mortgaging your house for”, and you home school moms say “nothing beats the love and instruction of a wonderful “all-knowing” mother; yes, I agree with all of you…it is just a top ten list…lighten up a little.

#5. Buy a falcon – …What? That’s not what you are supposed to do with extra money? It is just a stupid commercial?…   Ohhh, it is all starting to make sense now…

#4. Rid the world of dumb commercials – *See #5

#3. Get a Neorest 600 – For those of you who don’t know what a Neorest 600 is, it “represents the ultimate convergence of design and technology and helps to
transform your bath space into the ultimate spa experience”. In other words, it is a really cool toilet. Automatic open and close lid, remote control, heated seat, warm air dryer,…just check the link. They are only about $5,000 but alas…I am just too cheap.

#2. Think of things I have enough money to do – no explanation needed.

#1. Get a blog on – “oh no she didn’t” 😉 Just joking, I love you guys…ha, ha…just a laugh…of course not…sure it might bring me more traffic and be easier to control, etc. but I would never…

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