1st Day of School

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Well, today was the first day of school for this year, so now I have approximately 2 hours and 37 minutes (my youngest is only half-day) each weekday to myself. As excited as I am about this new-found freedom, I found myself wasting 31 minutes (until I started typing this) already today just trying to decide what to do. To prevent this from happening tomorrow (and the rest of the school year) here are some of the things that I could do with my time, so I can have a handy-dandy list to help me make a quick decision tomorrow.

  • Clean – Okay, so this one is a definite necessity, but for whatever reason it seems like a complete waste of time to me…I keep thinking: Yeah, but I could clean when the kids are home too, so why waste the alone time on boring stuff?
  • Read – I love to read, but this one too I could probably do while the kids are home (although the limited interruptions would be a nice change).
  • Wax – Gross I know, but waxing body hair is difficult to do when you have kids pounding on the bathroom door or screaming and crying.
  • Paperwork – I really don’t even know why I typed that. I hate paperwork…filing, paying bills, faxing my probation officer…yuck. See http://wp.me/p1Cvgh-z.
  • Blog – this one is also one of those…wait a second…I’m doing it now…What! 13 more minutes gone? Bye.

10 thoughts on “1st Day of School

  1. Wax?? on your first day?? Haven’t you not a less painfull thing to do πŸ™‚ ???
    I always have trouble with this kind of things. Why we get hair in strange places which we can’t reach?

    What are you reading?

    • I ended up grocery shopping with my husband for healthy after-school snacks because he got off work early. I have no idea why we get hair in weird places. I can not think of any purpose of such hair…except maybe to help maintain a stinky smell, or maybe to block strange germs from touching our skin.

      Right now I am trying to read a book “Your Heart Belongs to Me” by Dean Koontz. It is kind of a suspense thriller book, but I have only made it through the first few pages because I keep having other things to do. I also enjoy reading your’s and other people’s blogs, so that takes up some time too. I think I will just leave the book in the bathroom and just read it each time I am in there. I have finished quite a few novels that way. πŸ™‚

    • I’ve got to admit that I ended up just shopping since my husband got off work early. As far as the rest of the stuff goes, I don’t know why but I think I am a little delf-destructive. πŸ™‚ I feel compelled to make myself miserable if there is no one else around to do it I guess. πŸ˜‰

    • I read “One Door Away From Heaven” when I was in the hospital after I broke my hip and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I’d try another from Koontz. I love new books too. I like a lot of Ted Dekker books, Lisa Samson is another (Embrace Me is one of my favorites), but I also like true crime (Ann Rule) and many other types of books. If I don’t have something to read, I just read cereal boxes, signs, anything wih words. πŸ™‚

      • I know Ted Dekker. I can’t find Lisa’s books. But I found Ann Rule.
        I used to read everything which has characters on it ;-). Now more the audio type.

  2. Audio books are wonderful things. I used to listen to books more when I was still driving. I need to get a CD player in my kitchen so I could listen while I cooked and cleaned up.

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