Funny People and Thanks for Your Support!

First I want to thank everyone who has taken time out of their busy lives to read my blog. I have had over a thousand views since I started writing this (thanks in part to my sister Beth, who has about 1 million people who love her and will do anything she suggests, like look at my blog).

There are so many wonderful bloggers on WordPress that I hate to mention anyone but since I sometimes get quite depressed and enjoy good humor, I’ve got to mention two of my favorites (there might be some foul language or off-color comments occasionally, so if you are offended easily just check out the humor section of “freshly pressed”…there are way too many funny people):

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley:


The thing I love most is seeing the blogs of people who have seen mine. There is such a brilliant community of people. Almost everyone whose blog I have read seems to have something in common with me. It is a beautiful and diverse world.

Thanks again!


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