Snoring…and other annoying/stupid things (part two)

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Do you ever wonder why people snore? My husband is sleeping and snoring now, but since I don’t have to worry about him reading my blog, I can talk about it.

Also since I am sure that I do not snore, I again have every right to talk about it.

I also have the freedom to talk about crazy/stupid drivers since I can’t drive now.

When I was younger and worked in a daycare I knew how everyone should raise their children. Since I have kids now, I realize how impossibly idealistic my opinions then were.

My point is (don’t you hate it when people say that…if that is your point, why didn’t you just say it to begin with?) it is easy to find fault with or to be annoyed by things that you do not do.

Therefore, I have decided to stop doing anything so that I can have good blogging material. You are welcome. Look for plenty of great posts soon!

6 thoughts on “Snoring…and other annoying/stupid things (part two)

  1. Oh i think about those things all the time! specially on the morning commute i try to filter out the people who talk as loud as humanly possible, just to see if anyone’s noticing! i don’t do that but it really is extremely annoying! so yep you are not alone on this for sure 🙂

    • It all goes back to the caveman days…before human’s sniffing eachother’s butts went out of style. Now everything our pets do brings back a longing for the simpler days, while the things our spouses do remind us of the complexities of modern living. At least, that is what my phychiatrist told me. I forgot to blog about that one. 🙂

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