Controversial Topic: Beware

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There are some things that are better left unsaid. Like “I have really bad diarrhea” or “Your nose is too big”. There are plenty of appropriate things to talk about, but there are a few things that should be left unsaid unless you are a professional at whatever you are talking about, or if you are on the Dr. Oz show.

One of these topics is the direction a roll of toilet paper should be in. This topic has come up several times in our marriage, and throughout the years I have found myself siding with my husband’s opinion. He thinks the roll of toilet paper should be positioned so that the loose end comes out on top of the roll. Some people place it so the end comes out underneath the roll. I used to not care either way, but living with a person with OCD, or at least some traces of it, has a way of helping you realize the hidden dangers/annoyances of every day life. *See Rules for Being a Pessimist.

I also have some friends (I know, you didn’t think I would have any left after this post, but since they don’t read my blog we are still cool) who I think have some OCD themselves. So, I guess my question for all of you is, which way should the toilet paper go? I have also been informed that certain people think women put it the wrong way (comes out underneath) more often than men, so it is quite important that we come to a conclusion. When we do, we can begin informing which ever gender is wrong that they are truly wrong.

Thanks for your help.

23 thoughts on “Controversial Topic: Beware

  1. You crack me up!! I am one of the over the top gals. It really bugs me when it’s the other way! Although, I had to go in the middle of the night and had to replace the roll. I did my best as I fumbled in the dark and was so proud I put it on “the right way”. That was until I woke up on the morning and found the roll was on THE WRONG WAY!?! What?! I used it anyway, it worked. I was shocked. I left it.. for atleast a day! 🙂

  2. Toilet paper, heck it can go up .. down .. left .. right .. center .. sideways .. upways .. downways .. just as long as i get my dang toilet paper darn it LOL 😛

  3. It has to come out from the top, it’s so much easier to find the loose end and to rip it off. I’m a caregiver and deal with toilet paper a whole lot everyday. And yes, everybody else is wrong. =D

  4. This is one of those things that actually doesn’t bother me either way. Neither does the toilet seat controversy. …I just realized I’m much more easy-going than I thought!

    • I think I’m pretty easy going too, and indecisive. If my husband had never mentioned that there was a “right and wrong” way, I don’t think I would have every thought about it.

  5. My wife and I compromised and now we have it in the Smokestack Configuration where the longitudinal axis of the tube is perpendicular to the horizon.

  6. I vote “over”. Also people should know that if they do not follow this “OCD” rule of mine when I come to visit their home, I fix it for them while there. Just sayin…. :0)

  7. Is this a gender thing? A sex-linked genetic code? Does the positioning of the toilet paper come with the X or the Y? Personally I can never remember which way the paper goes and find that by the time I figure out which way to place the loose end it has been all used up and I need to start over! It is true that I may have been accused of having ADHD by more than one person; however, that has nothing to do with the fact that most of the time the toilet paper at my house doesn’t usually end up on that little cylindrical thingy at all. I’m just happy it’s there to use and must be much softer than the Sears catalog. Those darn catalogs really mess up the plumbing.

    p.s. Katie is invited to my house to correct the toilet paper anytime she wishes :~)

    • It may be a gender thing. Also, we have the same problem with the kids not putting the new roll on. It sits on the counter while the used up roll remains on the holder. I wonder some times how many empty toilet paper rolls would be left anywhere other than the trash if I didn’t do anything about it. You are right about the catalog issue too. Also baby wipes stop up the plumbing, but when you need something you just use what is available. (Hopefully that never consists of bath towels…I don’t know if the plumbing could ever recover from that).

  8. This is not even debatable. There is clearly only one right answer and that’s: OVER. Ask any OCD person. 😉

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