Forget This Middle-Age Crap, I Want to be Old: Part Two

As I was so absorbed in the benefits of being old, I forgot to mention why I would rather skip the next 30 years instead of going back about 10 years and re-living my “glory days” before wrinkles, sagging body parts, being senile, etc.

Although it might be nice to have that pre-kid body, having kids can actually be pretty fun (not having as in childbirth, having as in owning…ok, not owning like that…I hope you understand what I am talking about). From what I have heard, grandkids can be even more fun.

Another benefit to not being young is that there is not so much pressure to be pretty or strong or whatever else society expects you to be. If you try out for something (talent show, beauty competition, role in a movie, being in the cool-people club etc.) when you are young, it is a much bigger disappointment when you don’t make the cut. If you are old and don’t make it than you can blame age-discrimination, or just say “they didn’t want the liability of my triple-bypassed heart”

It is also nice to not worry which “group” you are in, and not to worry that someone else will wear the same clothes as you or other things that you “would just die” from. Old people only worry about things that actually could kill them. Things like fast-moving cars, high blood pressure, and practical jokes which might (at their age) cause a heart attack.

Yep, no matter how you look at it, old people have it the best. Now, if someone would just get around to making that time machine…

It was also brought to my attention that another benefit of being old is Social Security and Medicare benefits. Although to exist solely on Social Security would be incredibly difficult (because of the cost of living and the low benefits); it is nice to have income without the pressures of mean bosses, work place drama, etc.

Life is more simple when you get old, especially if you have dementia or memory loss.

10 thoughts on “Forget This Middle-Age Crap, I Want to be Old: Part Two

  1. I think I would settle for just being healthy. 😉 ‘Course, depending on your life expectency, you may actually already BE old now…. 😆

    • That is a really good point about life expectency. Too bad that even if you are not expected to live very long, you still don’t qualify for the assistence seniors get.

  2. I laughed my butt off at the “worry about things that actually could kill them” part. You see it is so very true. How do I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt? I am old, very old and this just tickled me pink..well, red from laughing so hard. I have just found another favorite blog! And just think, if you had not stopped by my blog I would have never found you!

    • Thank you so much. I am actually a cat person, so I guess we were just meant to see eachother’s blogs. I think that you are doing a wonderful job with your blog also and I look forward to reading more.

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