When Will We Catch Up with the Jetsons?

The Jetson’s television show first aired in 1967. Call me crazy, but I bet back in the 60’s when the show first came out that everyone thought that although it seemed far-fetched back then, surely in 2011 there would really be flying cars, robot housekeepers, devices that let our dogs talk, etc.

It seems to me that if we can have iPhones, and other “smart” devices, it couldn’t be that hard to make robots that do housework and make pleasant conversation. I think the problem is that we have focussed our efforts on things that don’t really matter.

Do we really need phones that can cruise the internet, check our email, update Facebook, etc.? I don’t know about anyone else, but I find having a phone with me at all times with those capabilities can be pretty annoying. When I was in the rehab hospital after breaking my hip, I was still making sure the bills were paid on time, and other boring/tedious tasks because of the capabilities of my phone. If I had a “dumb phone” I would have just kicked back, watched TV, and enjoyed the painkillers.

I am sure talking robot housekeepers, especially when they seem a little hormonal like Rosie on the Jetsons could get annoying, but if they did, we could probably just pour some water on it or something to snap it out of the “not the best thing that ever happened to my housekeeping years” phase. Not to mention that George Jetson worked 9 hours a week. I don’t think my husband would mind that too much.

Anyway, I have to clean my house (which is what got me thinking about this in the first place), so no more blogging for me today. I know it is horrible, but maybe this (my lack of blogging) will help the Apple Corporation get on the ball and invent some truly useful things, like flying cars and cleaning robots.


12 thoughts on “When Will We Catch Up with the Jetsons?

  1. I just can’t figure out why the phone thing took off and the cleaning didn’t. I guess people back then liked to clean…okay, that’s a stretch…I have no idea. 🙂

  2. That would be cool, flying cars, cleaning robot ladies, and I’m very sure that they have the technology and abilities to crate them, people are just too busy creating an iphone 5 probably. But then again if we lived in a world like The Jetsons that would be truly scary, well in my opinion anyway. 😛

    • You have a point about it being scary. I forgot about my last post about teen drivers…imagine that in 3D. Maybe we should just hope for the house-keeper robots.

  3. Oh I knew that we’d have something like cellphones in the 60s…I had a friend that had walkie-talkies. I’ve owned my first cellphone for less than a year. It’s web-capable but I’ve only signed up for the bare-bones voice plan that I have to keep carrying over minutes to the next month because I rarely use the thing. It’s a Samsung that looks exactly like Cap’n Kirk’s communicator, too!

    • It’s impressive that you haven’t been sucked into the “way more stuff than you could ever need” cellphone trap. I must admit that sometimes it does come in handy to have a computer in your pocket (like waiting for appointments), but most of the time it is more trouble than it is worth.

  4. Thanks for checking out my morristownmemos.wordpress.com blog. I love yours about the robots, smart phones and flying cars. I don’t like the smartphone because having one is as bad as being a doctor on call(if I had been smart enough to become one). Someone can always reach you. That’s not convenience: it’s harassment!

    Ronnie Hammer

    • I couldn’t agree more. I am also not smart enough to be a doctor, but I am also not smart enough to not get a smart phone. You are right, it is very inconvenient and I often wish I had been smart enough to avoid the iPhone trap. Thanks for checking my blog out too!

  5. And yet if we had robots to do all our chores, what would we need kids for? yuk yuk, just kidding. (wishful thinking. . .my kids are too busy talking on their cell phones to help with chores . . .) 🙂

    • That is funny! Yeah, my kids like talking on the phone too, and if they are too little to talk on the phone they like to play games on it. All the “smart phone” companies should really gear their marketing to our kids, cause us parents rarely get to see our own phones.

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