Confession: I don’t get the whole “white after labor day” thing.

view detailsIt is okay, I am not an actual person, just a blogger so don’t get your panties in a wad my fashion minded friends.

The thing is, I actually think that is a pretty stupid rule. I mean, Christmas is after labor day, are we hoping for pink snow or something? I guess maybe the leaders of the fashion world made that rule because they went to their great-aunt Agnes’ Thanksgiving dinner reunion and shot cranberry sauce out of their noses and onto her shirt when they started laughing at Uncle Bert’s long nose hair. Either that or they got so many white pairs of socks for Christmas that they swore they would never wear white in fall again.

Either way it seems like a lame excuse to ban a color for several months. Actually I don’t get a lot of the fashion trends in America and everywhere else in the world. It is like someone just thought they would play a big practical joke on everyone by dressing in the most impractical way possible and somehow the media caught wind of the idea and soon people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for “designer” styles. Don’t get me wrong…of course I think you are wonderful when you spend more money on your purse than you have in your purse…totally worth it. (That last sentence is laced with sarcasm just in case you didn’t catch it).

Personally I am sticking with my “there is nothing better than pajamas” philosophy. Oh, and by the way…white t-shirts and white sweat-shirts are the MVPs of my pajama collection…even in fall. Sorry.


8 thoughts on “Confession: I don’t get the whole “white after labor day” thing.

  1. I agree! Jeans and sweatshirt is about it for me. I don’t the no white after labor day rule either. I’ve been over the possible scenarios in my mind, and I really just don’t get it. I mean, no white pants with black underwear? Sure, that I get. But no white after Labor Day? Not so much.

  2. I think if you live in the desert (like I do) you should get an automatic pass. Because, of course, just because the day has come and gone, nothing has changed- just like birthdays. I mean, really, it’s going to be 90 tomorrow, which I admit is WAAAAAAYYYY cooler than the 100+ temps we’ve had for the last 100 something days (really, this is not an exaggeration) and I am not putting the flip flops away any time soon, nor am I going to fry any more than I already am by wearing dark colors. NOT gonna happen here! Call me uncivilized, but I’m not going to sweat any more than I have to!

    • It has finally cooled off a tiny bit this week, but I understand what you mean. I am so sorry you are going to suffer through more excrutiating heat. You can wear white anytime you want in my book. Hope your year cools off soon!

  3. I agree, and so do those rabbits that convert themselves to white every winter just to spite this rule. And what about the other snow bunnies, the women who go skiing in white jackets? Who’s ever given them a fashion ticket?

    • Little rabbits, totally understandable. As far as the other snow bunnies, I can about guarantee that if I wore a white ski jacket I would get a fashion ticket, but you are right, most of those true “snow bunnies” only get double or triple looks (and not in a bad way)…no tickets for them. Life is so unfair. 😉

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