My daughter keeps calling me a “crazy-head”

I don’t know if I should be proud that she knows which area of my body will probably go crazy soon, or if I should be concerned that I am already there or at least other kids are informing her that they think I am.

It is not as if I have never been called crazy before, it is just the specific terminology “crazy-head” that has me over-analyzing today. I guess that there are much worse things that she could call me; and honestly it is really cute when she says it, but I am pretty sure I have never used that term.

Well, I know I have called people crazy. Maybe “knot-head” or something like that. Maybe she has actually arrived at a better term than I had previously thought of. She could have sat in her room playing with a Barbie and trying to calculate the most accurate insult for those of us who are “slightly off”. She might actually be a genius… not for thinking I am a “crazy-head”. It is the thought process behind it. I shouldn’t be concerned at all. Now, if she called me an egg-head, that might be cause for concern.

Wait a second…


6 thoughts on “My daughter keeps calling me a “crazy-head”

    • That is what I get for being a crazy-head…I forgot the default thing. I will definitely tell her that next time she says it. Daughters are wonderful…most of the time. 😉

  1. Kids are the masters of language! When he was a young punklet, I took my son to a large park where they had mounted police patrolling. I brought an apple for him to feed the horse. He loved the whole thing but he couldn’t remember the word “horse” so he’d refer to the beast as an “apple doggie”!

    • That is funny. My dad when riding in a vehicle will excitedly say to his grandkids “look at those elephants” after they start complaining that they didn’t see any, he tells them “they were dressed up like cars”. Makes me smile every time.

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