Quick thoughts on pain.

I hurt therefore I am…or something like that.

Isn’t it weird how both hot and cold packs can help ease pain?

Also, have you ever wondered why when you are not hurting you don’t really think about pain, but when you are in pain you can hardly think of anything else?

I know, what a boring topic right? Unfortunately I am in pain at the moment, so I will attempt to inflict my pain on all of my readers by creating a boring blog post (as if you couldn’t find one of those on your own).

As any true bully knows, hurting others feels good. Just suck it up and be glad I didn’t give you a wedgie. 😉


12 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on pain.

  1. bring it on sister i dare you to try n give me a wedge, lol
    sorry you are hurting today, I pray God will ease your pain.
    luv ya

  2. That’s funny, I was just thinking about pain… My head is killing me right now so I kept thinking “Why the hell are you looking at a computer screen?? Go get some painkillers!!” I hope you feel better soon 🙂

    • Thanks, and I thought it was a little sad that I was thinking about what to post in the midst of my pain. At least I kept it short. That’s not too pathetic right?

  3. Hope you feel better asap. Hey you could try what I do to my daughter. Get one of the kids to come and pinch the heck out of you. I mean really pinch. It will that your mind off of the current ache and when the newly inflected pain subsides you are left with nothing more than a memory. Hint take a Motrin before hand. What? I am not a bad mom … or am I? For real, I hope the night brings you relief and comfort, dear.

    • I don’t think you were a bad mom unless you were the one pinching them (who am I kidding…corporal punnishment has been my middle name since I had kids). The rest did help, but I didn’t fall asleep until about 4:00am. Thankfully I had the moive Rio to put in for my youngest once she woke up, so I could return to bed. (Who is the bad mom now? 😉 ).

  4. Depends on the pain….. some pain (like in my knees, for example), is just the achy kind most of the time, and that can be ignored, mostly because I’ve always had it. Hip pain and the foot pain cannot be ignored. The foot pain is clearly worse when attempting to walk; the throb isn’t all that bad. For those who think people in chronic pain will get hooked on meds, while there is a chance, I suppose, the more likely scenario is that with meds on board, a person just feels normal. Meaning, not in all consuming pain.

    I think I am headed for a CT/MRI at some point sooner than later. *sigh*

    I think people also don’t understand the mush brain that can often come with higher levels of pain, because you can’t focus on anything else.

    Glad you have found ways to help! Thanks for the non-wedgie…. 😉

    • I am so sorry for your pain, and you are right about it kind of depending on the type of pain. My Dr. took 3 or 4 days to call in one of my pain prescriptions and after calling both the doctor and the pharmacy about 10 times each I finally got the refill. I do think I might have been flagged by both as a potential addict, but I just really needed it…I mean, I just really wanted it…I mean, I was going through withdrawals…there is just no way to say that without sounding like an addict. No wonder they flagged me. 😉

  5. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I’ve had surgeries but the worst was when I had an abcessed tooth for over a year. My dentist (who seemed to be running a tooth cleaning mill – one dentist, a dozen chairs, and a gaggle of hygenists) kept putting me on antibiotics to induce a lull in the infection but never got around to doing the root canal. Finally, I went down the street to another dentist who did the root canal three days later. Afterward, the absence of pain was striking… it was more like a feeling of comfort rather than the absence of discomfort.

    • Thanks, I am feeling better some today. Pain is really one of the reasons I started this blog…for distraction; so I can’t complain too much. That dentist experience sounds horrible. I am glad that you finally got the tooth taken care of.

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