Another confession. Sorry.

I am sorry to keep laying all my deep, dark, secrets out here. I really do understand that this is not a confessional and that you are not priests, but since I am not Catholic, I don’t have anywhere else to go. Without further ado:

I like America’s Got Talent. Please…wait…you don’t have to un-follow me… I know that the judges comments can be corny at times (or most of the time), and that some of the acts in the beginning of the show can induce vomiting, but for whatever reason I really like that show.

It might have something to do with the fact that the last few weeks of the show are filled with amazing acts, but I am starting to think that I really just like it because it is the one show that I stop the world for. It comes on at 8:00pm my time, so it is perfect to watch while I put my feet up after a long day of doing housework, raising children, cooking, blogging, etc. (Okay, so I spend the most time blogging…that doesn’t mean I am any less exhausted).

My kids are slowly starting to realize that when I am watching that show, one of my other personalities, (you know the mean one with the red eyes and short temper?) comes out. I don’t like interruptions, even if it is while the judges are explaining the same reaction they have had to the act for the past 10 weeks. Just be quiet kids and wait till commercials. Everyone needs to have something they enjoy that they can use to create a complex in their children’s lives down the road (my mom cared more about the guy with blue hair singing than she did about me).

Thank you for understanding, and good luck finding your own in-home vacation.


12 thoughts on “Another confession. Sorry.

  1. Hey, i can completely appreciate talent! so long as the people performing are doing it because they enjoy it instead of wanting to be plastered all over every ad and newspaper right 🙂

    • So glad you understand and I agree. I think it is sad when you see someone start the show humble, and as they make it further along they get really cocky. This year we seem to have some good ones that are not too full of themselves making it to the finals. Confidence is one thing, but a little goes a long way.

    • You seem to be doing pretty frequent posts lately. This blog is like my outing (even if it is just in my head) each day, which is why I write so often. I have been slacking a little more in the past few weeks, but it really helps that I don’t have any real friends to keep me busy.;)

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