Rules for Un-Following People

Since I am pretty sure that one of my “followers” un-followed me; I thought I should give the rest of you some guidelines for the proper etiquette of letting someone know that their blog is a huge disappointment.

Rule #1. Wait until the person you are following has enough traffic/followers to not recognize immediately who just ditched them.

Rule #2. If the blogger you follow is a dog person, or a vegetarian, or something else that is weird; start making comments about how cats are better, the mouth-watering smell of meat, etc. That way when you un-follow them, even if they recognize who you are, they will be a little relieved that you are not going to be stopping by anymore.

Rule#3. Pretend you died. Write a post in a completely different style than usual and pretend that you are a friend/relative who is just letting the dead guy’s “following” list know why the dead person can’t view their stuff anymore. This option may not work if the un-followed person checks out the blogs you are continuing to follow, so you might want to change your account name, picture, or perhaps even blogging website. (I know it seems like a lot of work, but this option is great for finding out how much the person you were following will miss you)

Rule #4. Become deeply offended by something the person you follow said on their blog and leave a comment about it. (Example: “I can not believe that you had the nerve to suggest I use real sugar in that recipe. You just want me to get even fatter! Well, I am never reading your blog again”.

Rule #5. Prevention is the best measure. Try not to follow blogs that you don’t actually like. Everyone can have a good writing day now and then, but before you click that “follow” button, look at their other posts to see if they are as consistently delightful as this blog. Maybe that is a little too optimistic. Even if they are not as wonderful, just make sure their blogs don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

And remember kids, only you can’t prevent forest fires and broken blogger hearts.


25 thoughts on “Rules for Un-Following People

  1. I wouldn’t take it too personally. Maybe the person tried to follow you and forgot they were already signed up. Look at the bright side, even if they unfollowed you on purpose without an explanation, you’ve just dodged a potentially scathing and ego-shredding communiqué from some whacko! On the other hand, if you want to unfollow someone without offending them, do like I do (don’t tell anyone, OK?)… set up a second WordPress account that remains by-and-large inactive. Then when I unfollow someone on my HoaiPhai account, I immediately follow them on my “sleeper account”. Their numbers remain the same so they’re not likely to notice I’ve dumped them!

    • Such a great idea. I need a “sleeper account”. I really don’t care if someone stopped following me. I read Japecakes “I’d like you to hate to like me” post shortly after I started this blog, and I know he was just being funny, but I really questioned my motives for a bit. I realized that I write because I love to write and not to get a lot of followers or anything like that. Writing helps me to lighten up a little in real life, and it gives me an outlet for some of my emotions.

  2. Well it wasn’t me! Rule #5 is the best one – I have actually unfollowed someone recently but that’s only because I didn’t mean to follow them in the first place! I just happened to hit the Follow button instead of the Like button and (of course) since then their posts haven’t been as interesting :-S Now I’m skeptical of the Like button too…

    • When I first started this blog, I was just happy when someone would subscribe to my blog, so I would return the favor in a lot of cases. Some of those 1st people I started following are still my favorites, but there are a few I never really look at. I still haven’t un-followed them, but I just don’t comment or look at their posts as much. I think you understand, based on your first few posts, but writing is something that I just enjoy doing and I actually don’t care if people stop following me…it just makes good bloging material. 😉

  3. I have followed and unfollowed pretty much instantly. I don’t have a single blog I follow. (well, ok, I do follow my own, but that was out of curiosity to see what people are getting via email). I do this primarily because I don’t want more email (because it might get stuck in a spam filter and I’d be upset), and I want to protect my email and location identity. If I like a blog enough, I’ll leave a comment, and that point is moot anyhow.

    What I do do, though, is RSS. If I like a blog well enough (like yours, for example) I’ll add it to my home page via RSS. I can add it to your feeds (IE) and my mail (Outlook) if I wanted to.

    Unfriending on FB is quite interesting. I unfriended my entirely family (siblings and spouses but not nephews) because they are all or nothing and you can’t pick and choose. Honestly, it’s been over a month and no one has noticed. (ya, I know, great, caring, loving family there ) And really, with the drivel on my blog, I’m surprised I still have people following me! 😆

    • Maybe your family on FB just doesn’t get on the site much. Following a blog can be a big commitment. I try to be a little stingier now than when I first started, but I have started changing my settings so that I don’t get emails every time someone likes/comments on their site or mine.

      • Heh, no, they know I’m not there, particularly my three sisters who use it regularly. We also have a yahoo email list for the family (9 kids plus spouses and up to 23 ish grandkids…..) which I left (and had started so that meant I had to “crown” someone else to be owner/moderator) so I’m sure it’s gone through the grapevine.

        But never fear! I am quite enjoying the quiet and the lack of drama! 😆

      • That just makes me giggle. In this case, no the absence only confirms what I know. 😆

        In the last 20 years, we have been back to that place 2 times. Well, the second time I went when my grandma died. Past that, there have been 2 trips to a nearby state for a brief family holiday (somewhere we grew up going every summer). Besides my parents who have come most every year for the last 10 years or so, we’ve had a single visit from my oldest brother and his family. There have been a few siblings who piggy-backed and came with my parents (each time they come, they are here for 3 nights total and don’t stay with us). At this point, I don’t know if there will be a yearly visit this winter.

        Eventually, I’ll write about the trip from hell, whereby my parents flew everyone out west, starting in Seattle and down the coast to Ca, for a two week chartered bus tour. Did I mention there were 11 kids 8 years and under? Thank God we only went for the first week. It darn near killed me (literally). Had I stayed, there is no doubt they would have dumped at a hospital somewhere while they continued their tour. (and no, I am not being sarcastic). Lucky for me, I got back home to my hunny and was able to spend the next few weeks in bed recovering, and was able to avoid the hospital trip that was on the agenda for the morning. I was just too tired to deal with.

        Anyhow. 😆

        Nope, in this case, absence = peace. 😀

  4. I found this amusing. Someone here commented about how you shouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s a lot of email, the subscribing, that can be overwhelming. And so what if they don’t find your posts interesting. We can’t please everybody, right?

    • So true. I replied to another comment about how I really don’t care who follows me. I write because I enjoy it. In a way I appreciated the “un-follower” because they gave me inspiration for a post. I think one important thing on WordPress and in life, is to do what you love.

    • That is probably why I haven’t set up a twitter account. Or written a book. Or done a lot of other things. I really don’t like rejection. Although it is a good excuse. 🙂

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