Dear receptionists:

Thank you for always placing me on hold. The background music (for some reason) always makes me feel like I need to pee, which of course is when you return to the call.

I also really appreciate having to tell you my embarrassing problems before you transfer me to the nurse so I can repeat it all to her. It builds character.

The best thing about going to appointments is the part when you give me a huge stack of papers to go through and sign. I can see that glint of “haha” in your eyes each time.

I know that you have no control over what the actual person I am trying to see will say, so it is impressive how frequently I go to an appointment, wait for 30 minutes or so, and am told “you really need to talk to this person who is not here today”. It seems there would be a way to let me know that over the phone when I call to set the appointment, but I appreciate your desire to see me many times when I could have just gone once.

Overall, you do a great job and probably do not get enough pay or credit (which explains the bored look and rolling eyes that combine to form that “how much longer do I have to be here” look). Thank you for all your hard work.

Sincerely, The Hobbler

*No receptionists were harmed in the making of this post.


18 thoughts on “Dear receptionists:

  1. lol!! waiting music doesn’t make me want to pee 🙂 just makes me sleepy as heck listening to the same music again and again! hate it when I have to tell both the receptionist and the doctor the same thing again too 😦 don’t they have a file for this? geez 😛 good to know no receptionists were hurt in posting this lol!! 😉

    • I bet. Usually I like the receptionists, but we had a bad one yesterday, so I thought I’d let out some of the frustrations. I am glad you survived the receptionist desk.

    • Thanks. I think a lot of us read eachother’s blogs and think “why didn’t I think of that?”. It looks like you get a lot of good writing material from your job. Your blog is really funny, although it does make me suspicious of bellmen. (You would have a writing field day if I went there). Thankfully I don’t go to hotels too much. 😉

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