Supermodel or Home Improvement Store – Is there really any difference?

On the surface these two things might not seem similar, but when you start thinking about it, they really are.

The reason I started thinking about this is I got my latest fashion accessory yesterday. It is a leg brace that is spring-loaded, so if my leg spasms, it will ease up on the tension and gradually return my leg to an extended position (don’t be jealous now).

I didn’t know if I should fit into the model category (since I get new weird accessories all the time) or the home improvement category (since I have more hardware than I could possibly use). That started me thinking about how much in common the two have. For example:

Men enjoy looking at both for extended periods of time.

They both market things that most people would never have a use for.

The results of “doing it yourself” are never as good as you hoped they would be:


Their stuff is way too expensive:

They never seem to have what you need:

Okay, so after thinking about it, I don’t think I want to be associated with either category.

Sorry Tyra.


10 thoughts on “Supermodel or Home Improvement Store – Is there really any difference?

    • Thanks…I have to warn you though, I might get really depressing or angry when I am PMSy, so I will try to give you a head’s up. 😉 Also, I definitely get depressed and the whole range of other emotions, but writing helps me to have an outlet, and when I write something that makes me laugh, everything seems a little better. p.s. I enjoy run-on sentences too.

  1. Excellent, and so true! I’m a real do-it-yourself doofus and I always get attitude from the hardware sore staff like, “No, you cannot put a Johnson flange on a kahnewton rod… you’ll strip the freezlebok! Where have you been, Buddy?” I expect supermodels are full of attitude, too.

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