If you are a man, stop reading now

Just in case any men are still reading; this post is about menopause, periods, hormonal stuff, pms, feelings, etc.

Hopefully we have lost them all now.

So ladies, have you ever:

Had the desire to have your man help out around the house; and then the desire to go back and redo whatever he was “helping” with?

Thought to yourself “you know, that polygamy thing might not be so bad”?

Realized that you want to, and do a better job of cleaning when your man makes you mad?

I could go on, but I have a sneaky suspicion that some men might still be reading, and I don’t want to give away all our secrets. If you have experienced those things, just know that I might know what you mean. In order for life as we know it to continue, we must keep our silence, so:

15 thoughts on “If you are a man, stop reading now

  1. So that’s why my house looks like a bomb hit it… I’m a man so I’m genetically incapable of cleaning up and my wife is deliriously happy with me so she doesn’t do it, either!

    • First of all, you weren’t supposed to keep reading. 😉 Also, just remember that if you ever bring this up, especially when you are in a “why is it always so messy in here” argument, things will probably get even worse. I am glad that she is very happy with you though. A messy house is a small price to pay for a happy marriage.

      • Mrs. HoaiPhai and I never ever argue about the messiness of the house — we both have our own diversionary tactics to avoid the topic. For instance, sometimes we play the “I bet HoaiPhai Jr. took the [insert name of misplaced article here] by mistake” game or the “Guess what I found” game. The only two subjects we even get close to an arguement over are whether to finish the basement (which is full of stuff we’re “storing” and we’d have absolutely no place to put anywhere while the workmen create a lovely wood-panelled warehouse for all our treasures) and she wants to get rid of Yoko, our 350,000 km 1996 Integra, even though it would be cheaper to get the rust body parts fixed than to buy a descent replacement. She, and I’m talking about Yoko here, is all rotted out but last month she was on the lift at the mechanic’s and a customer comes up and asks me what year it was, so I told him “A ’96.” to which he responded “Nice car!” even though she’s starting to smell a bit like I remember my grandfather’s basement smelling like.

        • How long have you been married? Just wondering if you are still in that “in love” stage. 😉 Those sould like good avoidance games to play though. I will have to try those. Funny stuff about the car.

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