Beauty and Other Illusions

Although I recognize that there are some people in this world that one or maybe millions of people find attractive, this “beauty” thing has bothered me for quite some time.

My sister likes Harry Connick Junior…”likes” as in drooling all over. Just kidding sis. I just needed to prove my point by using you. Sorry. Personally I don’t think he is attractive at all, although he does have some talent.

I’ll admit that I have seen couples and wondered what they saw in each other (shallow I know…I don’t do it much now that I’m older). There have also been many people who might be attractive to one person,  but completely plain/ugly to another.

Sometimes someone might not strike me as beautiful right away, but as I get to know their personality, they become more and more attractive. The opposite is true also. Some beautiful people become disgustingly ugly based on how they act or treat others.

This pondering made me realize that beauty is actually an illusion. Something we see because we want to see it, like water in the desert. If beauty is an illusion, than ugliness is as well, because the whole idea of being ugly is based on a comparison to beautiful.

I don’t always act on this idea. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see what I want to see, but most of the time I see my imperfections. If you occasionally (or always) think of yourself or others as ugly or beautiful, like I do, maybe we need to start looking for some real refreshment and stop chasing mirages.

Some other things that I think are actually illusions are: worthlessness, inadequacy, and the feeling of being better than others. I understand that these might be real feelings, they are just not true feelings, so let’s not act on them.

Sorry this post hasn’t been funny like usual. I guess even us humorist’s have deeper thoughts sometimes.

Remember, everyone is beautiful in the dark 😉

10 thoughts on “Beauty and Other Illusions

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  2. You are an original! Even if my eyes were gouged out, you would still look the same. 😆 Who needs beauty when you’ve got brains ?! (Oh wait- does that default you into being boring? Nevermind then!)

  3. This post reminds me of a Redd Foxx quote… it’s something like “Beauty is only skin deep but ugliness goes right to the bone.” Apart from the initial humour of the remark, the truth of it reveals itself after you’ve thought about it for a moment. (Don’t be distracted by the fact that he omits another truth, that true beauty also goes right to the bone, too)

    • Wise words. I like to say that both beautiful people (or those who think they are) and ugly people (or those who think they are) would both serve themselves well to think of themselves as the other.

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