Kids and Other Appetizers

I’m starting to think maybe I should increase my vocabulary or at least use a dictionary of synonyms before I title my posts.



1. food served before main course: a small dish of food served at the
beginning of a meal to stimulate the appetite

2. stimulating sample: a sample of something that is meant to stimulate
an interest

Okay, I definitely mean the #2 definition. Kids are a sample meant to stimulate an interest in things like: hiring a housekeeper, having 5 bathrooms (at least if you have girls), selling any breakable valuable, living in a grocery store, pulling your hair out, etc. Love you kids!

Of course potato skins and cheese sticks are also appetizers, but much less expensive and more likely to fit in the #1 definition.

Enough playing around and giving my children another thing to bring up when they are adults going to therapy.

The reason I am bringing this up is, my girls have loved to read since they learned how. I worked in daycare a long time ago, and I firmly believe that it is often easier to get girls to be interested in reading, than boys.

That being said, my son, who just started 2nd grade, had his reading level tested and it at a 4th grade level. This success is almost 100% attributable to Captain Underpants. If you have never heard of this series of books, you are missing out. They are by author Dav Pilkey, who also writes other children’s books. My son and I read the entire series earlier this year. I told him when we started that the books were at a fourth grade reading level, but the harder words were worth the hilarity of these books. Even if you don’t have kids, you should check these books for laugh out loud funny stuff.

Anyway, there are a few other series of books that my son seems to enjoy, so I am going to pass those on. I think that no kid should grow up thinking reading is boring just because they haven’t found the right book, so for little boys, here are a couple more great authors/series of books:

Wiley & Grampa’s Creature Features – by Kirk Scroggs

Snarf Attack, Underfoodle, and the Secret of Life: The Riot Brothers Tell All – by Mary Amato

Miss Daisy is Crazy (My Weird School Series) – by Dan Gutman

I know another “not so funny” post, but kids not reading is also not funny, so sorry to all my humor loving friends. Please don’t ditch me yet. 😉

20 thoughts on “Kids and Other Appetizers

    • It really is amazing. He thought reading was okay before, but he would read for about an hour with those books. I even caught him reading several times when he could have been playing video games (true test of any great book).

  1. Captain Underpants is just disgusting. Toilet humor is so irritating. And that is why my son loves him so. I, too, am in favor of almost anything that spurs an interest in reading.

    • Ok, there are quite a few “potty” jokes, but like you, anything that gets my son readin is a hit for me. Usually I wouldn’t like a lot of the silly jokes, but I really do like that series. My son and I laughed for about 45 minutes and made everyone’s name with the Professor Poopypants book. I think part of the draw for me is seeing him excited about the stories but I like how Pilkey slips a lot of jokes and puns into every chapter. Cute stuff.

  2. Don’t forget the comics!! I only have the one boy and the rest are all girls, and all are readers, each having started with the comics. Comics and recipes on boxes….. yep, good stuff there!

  3. Cap’n Underpants? Sounds like an adult website for fetishists! All kidding aside, my sister taught me to read before I entered kindergarten and I still remember that first book… “The Secret Cat”. I found it on eBay and sent it to my wife’s grandniece in Korea to try to spark an interest in her for English (a subject she was having a lot of trouble with in school). She has been calling me every day for the past week to practice English but I am the one that is doing most of the talking and am running out of dazzling monologue. Thanks for reminding me about The Secret Cat… I now have a few minutes more ammunition!

    • 🙂 I don’t remember the first book I ever read all by myself, but I remember the ones my mom would read, and I think one of my first was “The Pokey Little Puppy”. I hope your grandniece-in-law will enjoy The Secret Cat.

  4. If you are raising kids that love to read, then I love you even more. My kids were reading at college level when they were in middle school. I am more proud of that than almost anything.

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