CT scan anyone?

Yesterday I had the honor of going to see my surgeon on a day that we had not previously scheduled. I did have to be experiencing pretty severe pain before they offered this opportunity of a lifetime.

The problem with medical specialists is that they are typically really busy, so if you get a chance to see your dr. you had better not pass it up. Anyway, they x-rayed my hip and it turns out that it doesn’t look as great as they were hoping by this point in my recovery. The good thing (other than another future bill) is that they sent me down to the hospital for a CT scan. Thankfully I had a wonderful couple of friends who didn’t mind bringing me over there and waiting for the 3 hours or so that it took them to finally get me in. Anyway, they got me in, took the scan, and I see the surgeon to talk about it in a couple of weeks.

Ok, enough boring stuff. I got copies of the scan to take to my next appointment, and they are really cool! I can’t actually tell what half of them are, although I was able to make out my flattened butt line and where the bone in my hip is. Some of them look like a shooting star flying through a field of blackness, and others look like random splotches. (Beautiful word pictures right?).

So, in light of my recent desire to make money by basically doing nothing, I’m thinking about selling some of the pics. My surgeon probably doesn’t need them all, and a lot of them look basically the same, so why not right? Medical imaging could be the next great art form. I also have some old MRIs lying around that might fetch a pretty penny if I could convince people that they are modern art. If you look at modern art, it really isn’t that far of a leap.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you don’t want to pay to look at my blog, would you pay to look at my internal structures? They really are pretty interesting, and would compliment almost any decor. Choosing a frame would be easy since they are black and white for the most part. You could accent the piece with a neon green frame, or take the elegant route with black on black.

The films would be easy to cut too, so you could use any size you want. Even wallet size. In fact, that might be a great thing to do with one of them…just carry it around in case you are having a boring or unproductive day, and show it to others as either a way to become interesting, or an excuse for not working very hard (due to injury).

Modern art has a wide range of prices, so I am thinking about 5 for each pic…5 thousand dollars is not that much to ask for a one of a kind piece. Anyway, I have had a suggestion to get a paypal account so the money can start rolling in, so I had better quit writing and figure out how to do that.

Oh, by the way, the pictures in this post are not mine, just Googled images from people who don’t care about being rich. Also, I will autograph the pieces for an extra $100.00. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “CT scan anyone?

  1. Ya know, I think this is a stroke of genius, and one that I could leech off of you! I thought about old ultrasounds, but nah, no one would want those because now you can see the baby’s face and all that jazz. I suppose I could wait a bit longer and then advertise them as being vintage….

    If you are interested in a co-op type of thing, I have some images I could spare. I have a roll of hiatal hernia pics- in color! We could make a website and then those could be sold also autographed, and sent complete with a souvenir Tums. I also have another roll of, erm, female stuff. I suppose we could send those with condoms or something. Would have to think on that…. 😆

    • Sounds good to me. We need to come up with a catchy company name. Maybe “I’m to sexy for my skin” or something. I don’t really know, and I am on medications, so I am not exactly trusting my judgment today. 😉

  2. Whoever was the subject of the last CT scan had granola for breakfast! I think that stars of medical dramas should be signing autographs on their own bersonal x-rays for their fans. It just makes sense!

    • Another wonderful idea. Next time I am bored, I think I’ll start writing letters about it to all the medical tv show producers. Either that or write a blog post about it. 😉

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