AB (Angry Birds) Anonymous

Once upon a time a charming prince (aka my husband) came home with a magical device later to be known all over the world as an iPhone. This magical contraption solved his need for a real computer, which his fair maiden (aka me) although amused and slightly annoyed at first, soon became thrilled about, since it meant she could blog more.

One day the maiden’s phone broke and her prince crossed the desserts and oceans to buy her a magical device of her own. Of course she was much too intelligent to be sucked into the “as good as a computer but way smaller and more portable” trap, so she continued to use her phone as an actual phone. One day her pet monkey, frog, and some forest creatures (aka her children) asked to use the magic for their own enjoyment (aka games) which is how we stumbled upon Angry Birds.

Sorry, but the fairy-tale stuff is starting to annoy me, so long story short…prince and princess as well as all creatures are soon addicted and searching for a self-help group.

That was painful…and to think I once thought about writing children’s books. Anyway, I understand that it is not the ugly little bird’s (the blue ones are kind of cute) fault that our society is starting to become obsessed with yet another distraction, but getting so close to completing a level…just one little “pig?” still alive…it’s hard to not try to beat it one more time. Also, have you noticed that the birds have broken out of their electronic cages and are now appearing on store shelves in the form of stuffed animals? Talk about marketing to children…

It wasn’t until I noticed that my phone battery was hovering around empty after charging the full night before, that I realized we have a problem. So, if any of you know where we can go to a 12 step group; or get some kind of “stop-birding” patch that makes withdrawal suck less, please pass along the information. We really could use an intervention.


6 thoughts on “AB (Angry Birds) Anonymous

  1. My hubby is addicted as well. He even plays in bed and on the toilet. He complained a lot about the monkeys. I didn’t hear about the pigs. I would be an addict if I started but I have my other obsessions to cure first. Good luck with this!

    • The things I called pigs might actually be monkeys. They are just little round things with ears and sometimes hats 🙂 . My kids call them pigs, but they might be…well, I should probably not even venture a guess. I too have other addictions (blogging), but I will admit that the game is fun and I have definitely wasted plenty of time on it. Thanks for the well wishes!

    • WWWHHHHYYYYY Sorry, that was a little excessive. I was a little annoyed to begin with that the iPhone 4G has a smaller sim card and is a larger phone (doesn’t fit the same case). When is enough going to be enough? I still think Apple corp. would be doing the world a favor if they would focus more attention on robot house cleaners and other Jetson’s stuff. .;)

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