Women Who Hate Men Who Hate Women

Although I am a girl, it never ceases to amaze me how over the top some members of our gender can be. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely many men who are ridiculously OTT (over the top, I’m trying to appeal to a younger “text savvy” generation, while at the same time making myself sound too lazy to type full words) as well. In fact, I should have probably called this post Women and Men Who Hate Men and Women Who Hate Each Other, but I like to keep things short and sweet.

Anyway, I think this whole idea is pretty junior high. I mean, do we still need gender wars to keep us at the top of our game? Not only are there women who hate men etc. there are also women who hate women who love men. I am sure the reverse is true as well.

I guess my question for all of the hate filled people is…why can’t we organize and focus our hatred toward something that really… as a species deserves it. Something like June bugs. If you don’t know what a June bug is, they are really disgusting, big (up to quarter size), bugs that fly at people totally unfazed by our massive size and strange odors. These bugs will land on a person and they have little hook type things that make them stick to you when they land.

I know you probably think I am just being silly, but I really hate those things. The worst part about it is that I hate to kill them too. They have this crunchy outer shell and squishy insides that combine to form a disgusting sound and mess when they are squished. I’m not joking. These things are nasty.

My point is that if all the “haters” out there would just decide to hate something that actually should be hated, the world could be free of June bugs. Isn’t that a beautiful picture? Just think about it the next time you are tempted to hate something just because it exists.


18 thoughts on “Women Who Hate Men Who Hate Women

    • Yeah, I guess roaches are ok to hate. I still hate June bugs more, but it’s all about keeping the peace right? I think one of the reasons June bugs freak me out more is because they are not scared of me. At least roaches run. 😉

    • It is better to be “peace and love” than full of hate…even if it is for a good reason. 😉 Oh, and the “how I roll” thing, sometimes I just feel the need/want to say it too.

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