Halloween Costume Ideas

Many of you know that I am in an electric wheelchair. All year I have been looking forward to Halloween, on which I will attempt to make myself a prisoner in an “electric chair”. I know, it is a wonderful idea and will hopefully supply me with enough chocolate to last until Christmas.

Unfortunately for many of you, you are not in a wheelchair so the choices for your costume are limited to boring stuff like cowboys, characters from scary movies, etc. Thankfully there are some creative websites with unusual costume ideas, and I will also share some ideas for non-disabled costumes.

Vampire – This might sound like a boring/typical costume, but instead of making yourself into a vampire, I say make yourself into a vampire DVD by using a large box. Why be some character from one of the ever so popular vampire movies, when you could be the movie itself. The actual movie typically makes millions of dollars, so hopefully you will make out like a bandit in candy. Even if you don’t get much candy, you will have a million teen followers, who will devote their lives toward any suggestion you make.

Prince – Not the fairy-tale type, the actual Prince. This costume is great because either a man or a woman could wear it. If you are having a hard time coming up with the actual clothing that looks like something Prince might wear, just use a black trash bag and cut a few arm holes, or whatever, and you will be ready to party.

A hundred-dollar bill – If you use this idea, please be ready to explain your costume to many people. In this modern society, a hundred-dollar bill is a rare thing to see. When people say “what are you supposed to be”, you could also explain that you know how to vanish, or perhaps you are the invisible man/woman.

A bear with toilet paper on his butt – I know, kind of junior high, but I like those Charmin commercials a little. As a variation, you could put fake body parts on your bear’s butt, and when you ring the doorbell, just say “are there very many pieces left behind?”.

A mirror – This is a good idea for all of the people out there who can think of quick one-liners to use when asked what their costume is. “I’m a freak show”, “the boring neighbor down the street”, “a little self-absorbed”, etc.

Well, there are a few ideas. I hope that whatever you chose to be this Halloween, you have a lot of fun. I had better go start looking for a hood, some telephone cord, and leather straps for my wheelchair.


9 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. When you do, take a picture and post it. I would love to see how it looks.
    Just don’t plug it into an outlet 😀 Haha.

  2. I am really charged up to see your costume when it’s done… I hope you’ll be posting photos! Another idea involving wearing mirrors is that when asked who you’re supposed to be dressed as, you can relpie “You!”.

    • Good idea. I keep thinking I might be too old to dress up for Halloween, but the electric chair thing really would be fun. I will try to remember to take and post a pic if I do it.

    • I am so glad he liked them. I need to try to convince my own kids to use some of these ideas instead of buying a typical costume. I don’t know if they would go for the”toilet paper on the butt” thing though 🙂

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