Happy Columbus Day!

What, you didn’t know it was Columbus day? Your 3rd grade teacher would be so disappointed. As I was carefully observing the time-honored traditions associated with this fine holiday…in other words, dancing around with my favorite bottle of Jack Daniels and eating ice-cream (just joking, I don’t drink or dance, although I have been known to frequent ice-cream parlors); I realized that the holiday I was celebrating was really about as ridiculous as the auditions for America’s Got Talent.

Sure there really was a Christopher Columbus who back in 1492 (Christopher Columbus), he sailed o’er the ocean blue (Christopher Columbus). With the Nina, and the Pinta and the Saint Maria too…that great voyage brought him fame (Christopher Columbus)...

Sorry, I got caught up in a little Columbus singing memories. Anyway, we should really call the day “Power of Marketing Day” or something like that because as we all know other people had discovered America already, but due to Columbus’ marketing of his “discovery”, he got a whole day. Isn’t that just the way things go… one person does the work, and soon someone else comes along and takes all the credit for it.

If you would like another excellent example of this, check out Nikola Tesla (later years). That poor guy got really short-changed. Anyway, I guess any excuse for getting loaded on ice-cream is okay by me, so happy Columbus day again and I hope everyone remembers to give me credit for any of your great discoveries.

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