There are still nice people out there…

Today, I ventured out on the wheelchair with my little dog running happily beside me. I really am trying to cut back on my out-door excursions, because people could watch me, follow me, come up behind me and punch my head (*see world’s wildest video’s for some jerk who got on a bus and started punching a blind woman and saying “the sick must die”) etc.

Anyway, I was out of Mountain Dew and chocolate, so I really had no choice. I figured since my little dog thinks he is a rottweiler, I wouldn’t be in too much trouble even if some crazy person did see me.

After going to the store and replenishing my necessities for daily living, I set my wheelchair on top speed and was about half-way home when I rolled way too fast over about a two-inch high crack in the road. The container with my soft drinks was on the footrest of my wheelchair, because it was a 12 pack and too heavy to hang off the arm of the chair in a bag.

Needless to say, the box of drinks which were already shook up from my reckless use of the top 5 mph setting on my chair, now started flying through the air in slow-motion while I mouthed the word “nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo”. It landed with a pop and I watched as a trickle of yellow-green soft drink pee started oozing out of the package, followed by several full cans which figured that this was their last chance of a possible escape from having their innards sucked out by a giant such as myself.

Anyway, I started to salvage what I could of the box, and was about to go chase down the run away drinks when a large vehicle flipped around in the road and parked at an angle behind me. The man who got out of the SUV or whatever it was, could have probably flossed his teeth with me (he was rather large), but instead of punching, robbing, kidnapping, cussing or laughing at me, he asked if I needed help, and proceeded to help me gather the runaway cans and tell me, “no problem” to my many thanks, after which he casually flipped the vehicle back around and drove off.

So, thank you good Samaritan, ha-ha all you potentially free cans of soda, and yes…this is why I still think that most people in the world really are nice and will do nice things if given a chance to do so. I know that there are bad people out there, and I might be a little naive, but to all of you who renew my faith in humanity, thank you…a life controlled by fear is no life at all.

6 thoughts on “There are still nice people out there…

  1. had me LOL!!! I had to call Jimbo in here so I could read it outloud to him. And you know, there are still many nice people out there and I like to think…I’m one of them! If you ever need anything, you know where to find me. xoxo

  2. What actually surprises me is that people are amazed when you do something nice for them. I really do think it’s more normal than we may realize because the &%#$holes get the attention while the normally nice folks don’t stand out. Excellent post mixing laugh-snorting and message. (Yes, I laugh-snort, sorry)

    • Sad but true, and don’t worry about the laugh snorting, I think real laughs should be a little disgusting so you can differentiate them from the fake ones. 😉

  3. There are more nice people out there than you think but they are usually cowering in their basements so the rest of the world doesn’t eat them up. When the lease is up on your present ride, you might want to upgrade to a hatchback or an el camino edition. Hats off the the Samaritan, whoever you are!!

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