Why even bother?

I thought about doing some potential early Christmas shopping today, but as I asked my little ones which presents they “in theory” (if Mom happened to be Santa) would want, they were as indecisive as I typically am.

Actually my youngest wants just about every potential kid-friendly infomercial product…recently the little shaker cups that “turn any drink into a slushy“, and the cake popsicle things. Oh yeah, she even suggested the doggie steps…although our dog can currently jump on the counter from a seated position.

My son expressed interest in the Fly Crane, an I would love to get my hands on some Pajama Jeans.

My point is, why even think about Christmas presents, birthday presents, or any other gift when each week something as pivotal to daily living as cakes on popsicle sticks, will appear on a commercial and make whatever you thoughtfully bought in advance seem like yesterday’s news?

To be honest, I don’t know how Santa does it, but (don’t turn me in to child protective services) I am thinking about leaving the Christmas shopping up to him this year. Seriously. My kids are about old enough to have that whole “Santa is more of a giving mentality that didn’t happen this year” conversation anyway.

12 thoughts on “Why even bother?

  1. This is the best advice I’ve ever heard on this subject: We’re talking about the same kids that play with rocks and sticks. Don’t go spending $1300 on a few fancy toys. Kids forget about them as soon as the batteries die. Instead, take $100 to the Dollar Store. Buy one hundred presents. No kid on earth is going to be disappointed with one hundred presents.

    • Dollar store is a great idea. My son doesn’t really care what he gets as long as he has a really big present. His sister had the largest one last year and I think he’s a little jealous, I think that kids will be happy as long as they have lots of stuff to open, or a few really big presents.

  2. We have been scaling back every year. We have three kids, and the “stuff” can be overwhelming. This year, it’s a family gift. A really cool one.

    Here’s a tidbit. I grew up in a single-parent home with little money. My mom talks about one Christmas where there was almost nothing beneath the tree. We each got a small toy that was carefully chosen just for us. That was our best Christmas ever. never noticed that there wasn’t much. I still have that toy. It is one of my most prized possessions.

    • I have also had a similar experience. I think my biggest problem is that I really love shopping for and wrapping presents. There always seems to be such cute stuff and I shop around for great deals. Anyway, last year we did Operation Christmas Child, and we will probably do it again this year. That helps with some of my shopping desire.

  3. My daughter is very much into crocheting and is getting really good at it. Last year I saved a years worth of all of the cat hair hair and lint that was collected in the dryer vent screen thingy. I put it in a beautiful gift box and gave it to her for Christmas. My explanation was that she could spin it in to yarn for crochet. Pretty much zero cost and she still talks about it.

    So, I agree it’s the thought and originality of the gift.

    BTW: People really do spin pet hair into yarn. There’s a whole new post for you!

    • Wow…I didn’t know about the pet hair yarn thing…I don’t know if I should be impressed or disgusted. That does sound like a very original and thoughtful gift. Just please don’t make an infommercial about it…my kids would never let it go. 😉

  4. Oh my word- our border collie- sheds enough to make a sweater every year, I swear. One of these days, I’ll figure out how to spin it- right after the rest of my sewing and knitting projects, if I ever decide to stop reading and finish them.

    Several years ago, I made the decree that nothing with parts was coming into the house. That means things like games with parts, puzzles, etc etc. We have too much stuff as it is.

    One of the best years was the year I got them all tape and bricks of copy paper. They were always taking mine and then I wouldn’t have what I needed when I needed it. That drives me crazy.

    This year we are on track for more of the same. This stuff I don’t mind shoveling up and pitching. we also run out of things to get them, so we usually end up with clothes and music. Boring, I know, but it gets old. It’s hard for me to even pull out all the Christmas stuff to decorate (because I despise packing it all up). The upshot is that the kids are interested in doing it all now, so I let them….

    • Those present ideas are great…my kids are always taking those too. I think you are right about letting them decorate for Christmas too. My little ones usually like to decorate my my teenagers fluctuate depending on their moods.

  5. I’m already more than half done my Christmas shopping. Usually I’m the guy sprinting around the mall 10 minutes before closing on Christmas Eve but that adrenaline rush is getting a little old (and so am I). My brothers are getting personalized space pens (the kind they took to the Moon (by “they” I mean the astronauts, not my brothers), I got my shipment of thermal coffee mugs that look like lenses in from China for some other people on my list, I got a music box and a Canadiens toque for a grand niece and grand nephew overseas, too. I even got the entire set of Married with Children DVDs for myself in case Santa forgets me!

    • Wow, I’m impressed. You have already gotten a lot of the shopping taken care of. Those coffee mugs sound pretty cool. Are you going to wrap your present to yourself? One time I get my husband a little book about why he loves his wife…I think that might defeat the purpose though.

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