Sometimes it is better not to sleep.

After being awake for a few hours tonight, I decided to try going back to sleep. In about another hour, I finally did fall asleep.

For whatever reason, when I fall asleep after being awake for a while, I usually dream…really realistic, vivid dreams.

Anyway, in my dream some person from highschool came to my house, which was weird and interesting. We also have a small tree in the back yard, which in my dream was really, really tall and had a cat and a friend perched on it.

As I talked to my friend (who had magically come down from the tree without climbing or falling) we started walking toward the gate to the front yard. (Ok, here is the I should have never gone to sleep part, remember, this is only a dream…thank God).

In our front yard we have a small tree as well. The neighborhood kids love to climb in and play on this tree, but in my dream one of the neighborhood kids and an adult (maybe a dad or something) were sitting on a branch. As I watched, the branch bent down, and as if in slow motion, broke, suddenly turning as big as a tree trunk and falling on the group of children gathered underneath.Two of which were mine.

As most of you know, I am in a wheelchair, but I can use a walker for short distances. In this dream, I had my walker and I hobbled toward the branch looking desperately for my two. I soon saw their faces and torso’s and they were alive and moving a little, but you know when a kid gets hurt so bad they don’t even cry right away? That was the case. I started screaming lift it off (which now that I think about it might have been the wrong thing to do with compression injuries, but I was dreaming, and freaking out, so cut me some slack), and then I thankfully woke up.

Anyway, I know I usually write humor, but I am still really shook up from the whole dream, so just pretend you read my blog for more than just laughs. I am working on a life-changing, humorous post, but it is taking a long time because I have to do research.

That being said, I think I am going to make some coffee cause it will probably be a long day. I do feel better after writing it out, but I could use some prayers to get through the day on a few hours sleep. Thanks for listening.

16 thoughts on “Sometimes it is better not to sleep.

  1. I don’t read your blog for the humor, although it is often quite funny. I read because it is really well written. Each post I’ve read has a little surprise “ah-ha” in it. Kudos on another great post and I hope you sleep better tonight.

  2. Isn’t Rita a wonderful person? Okay on to my comment. I have had those nightmares too only my children are drowning. I truly believe we are worried about something. Not sure what it could be yet. I wish you a wonderful night sleep and NO nightmares.

  3. I feel our subconscious takes the little normal worries of the day, and blows them waaaay out of proportion. At least mine does. It doesn’t make the following morning any better, but at least it gives us fruit for thought and a great blog post. These kinds of dreams just reassure us that we have empathy.

  4. I haven’t had a nightmare I’ve remembered in a while, come to think of it. Maybe it’s because my sleeping is generally all jacked up right now. Nothing better than waking up sweating with a racing heart, eh? 🙄

  5. A wonderful post and it’s okay to be serious (from one hjmor writer to another). I love to analyze my dreams and think they offer wonderful perspective on what is really going on in my subconscious. Consider keeping a dream journal and one day it may provide more wonderful inspiration for your writing. Keeping laughing …

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