Trees falling in forrests…hypothetical anyone?

Tonight I told my kids:

“If you moon a blind man, does it still count?”

There really was a back-story…I would never expose my children to 2nd grade jokes with no purpose. 😉


14 thoughts on “Trees falling in forrests…hypothetical anyone?

    • I told one of my kids she would have extra chores because she had been in the bathroom for many moons. She said “you’re not an Indian” and I told her that each time she goes to the bathroom she moons the toilet. This led to “yeah but the toilets don’t have eyes” which was the moment of “if you moon a blind man does it still count? 😉 kids…

    • Hopefully my kids won’t try it out just to see if he could tell. It is funny how kids do all the stupid things I mention, but when it comes to doing their homework, that’s another story.

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