I never believed in ghosts…but now that my cake is disappearing…

It started like any other Friday, I was working diligently, sweat pouring from my brow, on all the daily housework (see that honey); when I realized that it was time for my littlest one to go to school.

Since I am the perfect mother, a fresh cake had just come out of the oven and was beginning to cool on the stove-top. Oh, who are we kidding. I hadn’t really done much housework, but I really had made a cake. (Not a perfect made by scratch, Martha Steward kind, but cake none-the-less).

My child and I waited on the porch for her ride, and made small-talk. Little did I know that at the very same moment my nightmare was about to begin. (Okay, so it might have happened some other time I wasn’t it in the kitchen, but will you just give it a rest Conscience? I’m trying to write here).

Although many of the movies portray poltergeist’s and other mysterious occurrences in a “lights dimmed, creepy music on” sort of way, my event occurred in the middle of the afternoon with little to no strange noises.

The best way I can describe it is, when I returned to the kitchen to frost the cake…pause for effect…a large quantity had been eaten out. This was no, cut in perfect little squares thing, I could actually see bite marks. The edges of the vanished cake did not look like they had been eaten by a human either. No, this was something with a narrow mouth, although not as small as a mouse, almost a third of the cake was gone.

The picture shows more of the cake gone, but the part in the corner was the part that disappeared, the other damage was done by my children who are not intimidated by potential ghost cooties.

After recovering from the initial shock, I began to grow angry because that cake was going to be a Halloween cake with a Haunted House in that very corner, and a pumpkin garden, graveyard, and narrow path crawling with spiders. (Yes, I really could do attempt that, I’ll post a pic if we get a new cake mix).

Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I feel like it was a devil who ate the cake. Not the Devil…just a little one. Oh, did I mention…we happen to have a dog…his name is Taz, short for, well, you know. 😉

11 thoughts on “I never believed in ghosts…but now that my cake is disappearing…

  1. This absolutely reminds me of the cake my family’s cocker spaniel ate one year in a similarly stealthy manner…and oh, did I mention it was a chocolate rum cake? Amazingly, she’s alive and well 12 years later.

    • Well, at least she knows how to go for the good stuff…chocolate and alcohol. Just kidding, I am glad she is alive and well though. I am really more of a cat person. At least if they are going to eat something they just walk right up, flick their tail to let you know they don’t care what you think, and dig in. 😉

    • Just so you know…I can’t be held responsible for anything people do while reading my blog…maybe I should put a disclaimer on there. 😉 Thanks though, you are very sweet.

  2. You want to watch out if you are having
    those snowballs (the one’s with coconut on)
    as dogs of all breeds just love those…

    BTW –

    I love Cake and I’m not a Dog,
    erm I don’t think so anyway 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  3. You really can do all that frosting with pumpkins and stuff? Cool…
    All my mum does is covers it up in chocolate syrup…though its really yummy (psst..needed to praise her or else won’t get any cake if she hear of this).

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