Holidays…Bah Humbug

Like many other parents, I look forward to certain holidays each year. Most importantly April Fools Day, followed by Christmas, with Halloween and Fourth of July tying for 3rd.

This Halloween was no exception. I made a cake (after a ghost ate the other one) and since it was a “just for fun” cake my kids helped decorate it with pumpkins, gravestones, spiders, etc.

(As a side note, I need some kind of recipe for something similar to fondant, but tasting better than store-bought, so if you have any ideas, please pass them along).

After making and decorating the cake, my kids and I got all dressed up to go trick-or-treating. Long story short, we did go, got too much candy, had fun, etc.

Now for the real life-lesson…holidays are messy. Really, really messy. We got home around 8:15 or so, and after my kids looked at and traded their kid-cocaine, we had to start getting cleaned up.

First, and most importantly, that spray on hair color should be reserved for kids who can take showers by themselves and wash their own hair. My 5-year-old had black coloring in her hair, while my 13-year-old had some white and black. Since I was already way backed up in the laundry area, I needed the kids to rinse it out that night so their pillows and other bedding would not require 4 more loads of laundry.

By that time it was getting late, so both girls started their showers at about the same time. I was helping my little one, while she cried…”I’m all black…is it coming out yet…when are we done…etc.” I had to shampoo her hair about 4 times before the water started clearing up. By this time, the water was turning rather cool since it had been about 40 minutes. I finally got her out, and ended that nightmare. Needless to say, my daughter is clean, the bathroom and I were a wreck.

We also have the mess in the kitchen from making the cake and rushing out, plus I had two baskets of laundry from earlier that day that needed to be put away, and we had gone grocery shopping at Sams Club, so there were large packages of food all over the table and counters. My son had thrown up early that morning (part of the laundry problem), so he needed new sheets on his bed. Now we had have candy, costume make-up and accessories, wrappers, etc. all over the house too.

Anyway, I have realized it is not just Halloween that is messy. Thanksgiving has cooking messes and extra food, Christmas has candy, and gift wrap, etc. Fourth of July has leftover fireworks, plus all the mess from shooting them off (we need a street sweeper for that one). Even birthday’s leave messes all over the place. The only holiday that doesn’t leave as much of a mess is April Fool’s Day, which might be part of why I love it so much.

Well, I hope you had a good Halloween, and good luck with the hazmat clean up…now to get ready for Thanksgiving…

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    • I do that too (with the crafts). This year I was going to make spooky stuff for dinner, but by the time I should have started cooking, we were already busy with the costumes, etc. I actually didn’t even make dinner. I let the kids pig out on candy, and eat a sausage biscuit after. Horrible, I know, but everything was already too complicated to add dinner to the mix.

  1. i like ur costume, glad you had fun, tho it is messy, my teenager and friends spent the evening terrorizing the poor little beggars that dared come to our house, poor kids

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