Good thing politicians don’t read their email…

Yesterday a posted a comparison of presidential candidates to cartoon characters.

Although I doubt that most politicians know the meaning of honesty, in the spirit of fairness and not wanting to talk about people behind their back, I visited all the candidates websites and left a note in their contact section stating something like “In a recent blog post, you and your fellow candidates were compared to cartoon characters. Here is the link

Anyway, now that my brain has had a chance to catch up to my fingers, I am not sure if contacting them was that bright of an idea. I guess it couldn’t hurt too much. Unless I get charged with treason for comparing our president to Foghorn Leghorn, or if this blog suddenly gets flooded with “give us your money, so we can win the presidency and save the world” comments.

Oh well, what is done is done, and I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. They probably get so many emails that they wont notice mine anyway. It is also possible that they really don’t care what any of us bloggers compare them to as long as we don’t start accusing them of sexual harassment or some other charge.

I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes my fingers move faster than my mind, so if I ever write anything stupid and post it for the world to see, it is not technically my fault. That sounds like a good start for another blog post…


2 thoughts on “Good thing politicians don’t read their email…

  1. I just posted your “Bringing New Meaning to Political Cartoons” on my blogspot blog. Let me know if you get a spike on your views today. I linked it back to you of course. And My Facebook wall is going wild. WOW

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