Don’t cry over spilt milk…now a tv dinner…

We don’t have tv dinners too often. Well, okay probably more than Martha Stewart’s family, but the meals are a semi-special occasion for my little ones. Not only is it packaged in a divided container, I actually let my kids eat it in front of the tv…in the living room…even on the couch…so basically it is as good as Christmas in their minds.

My 5-year-old was carrying hers over to the spot she had carefully selected when she dropped it. I probably should have taken it over there for her, but it’s too late now. Anyway, you would have thought she just cut her arm off from the look of horror on her face, and soon she was drowning in a pool of “this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me” tears.

Thankfully we did have an extra “kids” one in the fridge, although it was chicken nuggets instead of pizza. She almost had no appetite after crying for about 15 minutes, but she is slowly working on it at the moment.

Hopefully she won’t have nightmares tonight…it is amazing how much of her little world was shaken at that moment. Feel free to send condolences, and while you’re at it you might as well send some for my older daughter’s pet goldfish that we didn’t realize was dead until her room started stinking. Kids…

10 thoughts on “Don’t cry over spilt milk…now a tv dinner…

  1. Same rules at my house as a child. No food in living room. ever. but this ONE time, Little Orphan Annie was on TV. my FAVORITE. so I got permission to eat in front of the TV. Spaghetti. mine ended up in the floor too. ((hugs))

    • I think the pressure gets to people. I’ve got to admit that my kids do sometimes eat food on the couch and I pretend not to notice. I have to choose my battles. 😉

  2. Here is what would have happened in my house – Dimples would have dropped it, stood there amazed at how such a rare phenomenon could occur in our household, then somehow found a way to blame me while: Wonderbutt ate it, Cap’n Firepants debated about the best way to handle the situation, Mrs. Pain in the Butt waited hopefully behind Wonderbutt for anything he left behind, and I raced to the kitchen for paper towels.

  3. You are lucky to be able to get away with tv dinners…. the last time we tried that several years ago, we heated them up and after a bite or two it was “Oh those are gross! People really consider that food?!” *sigh*

    Did I mention that you are lucky your kids like tv dinners? Am I am SO impressed that you actually had extras! Go you! 😆

    • I think they just like them for the novelty of it. They also get the kids ones that have little gummy bears or pudding with sprinkles, so that makes it fun. Sorry your kids don’t like them…it is a nice little break from real cooking.

    • Lol, I can’t believe I forgot she had it, and I can’t believe we didn’t notice until it started stinking. I didn’t even know goldfish would stink. Part of the problem is that I rarely go upstairs where her room is because I have to drag my legs up, and when I do go upstairs, it is usually for something in specific…not looking for dead/dying pets. 😉

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