Life is full of chocolate covered nuts.

We all know that life is full of craziness and nutty people, but I am beginning to think that the nuts are actually chocolate covered. For example, many of the people in the world are pretty nice…at least to me (disabled people don’t seem to pose much of a threat, so people are pretty nice).

Funny thing is that often simmering under the surface is a nut…really…there are a lot of crazy people out there. I used to think that the majority of people were sane, but the longer I live, the more I realize that people start to go crazy after about 3rd grade.

It seems to gradually go downhill as a child gets older, and peaks when the person is about 13 – 15. Okay, so maybe that is just the first peak. I guess it likes to travel in waves; peaking again in college, then around 35-45, and after that, the craziness is not actually counted because it is considered normal when you are elderly. (Another reason it is great to be old).

So, just because you know someone who seems nice (chocolate) or hyper (caffeine in chocolate) or smooth (certain types of chocolate) or a variety of other personalities (many flavors of chocolate); that doesn’t mean they don’t have a bit of nuttiness inside them, so just watch your back…you never know when someone might take a bite out of you.

4 thoughts on “Life is full of chocolate covered nuts.

    • There really are a lot of perks to being old. Some of the great stuff I get cause I am in a wheelchair (like people opening doors and just being nice in general), but people still expect me to act sane (which of course is an act).

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