Hours shopping for 10 minutes of unwrapping?

I have just wasted the weekend. Well, I say wasted, but some might call it “shopping around” or “expertly sniffing through a million prices that change every day so you have no idea if you should go ahead and buy the thing or wait till Black Friday…or Cyber Monday…or maybe the first few weeks of December.”

Fact is, I wasted it. If I added up all the time I spent “shopping around” for the best prices on the “must haves” of this holiday season, I probably could have worked a full-time job and been able to buy two or three times the amount of stuff.

My son has liked legos for a few years now, which is wonderful because I like legos, and I just pick the things that look really cool or that he mentions, and everything goes well. This year I thought I would get him a few different types of toys. My latest idea was to get him a Nerf gun because he takes joy in running over to one of his sisters and passing gas in some form around them, so I thought maybe he would enjoy shooting at them with little foam darts almost as much (his sisters would probably like that better too).

Problem is I know nothing about dart guns, and there are about a million to choose from. Add that problem to an indecisive and bargain-hunting mom and you have another day wasted. If I could go to a website, say to myself “looks cool and it’s on sale”, and click the Buy Now button my life would be much easier, and I could waste much more time blogging or something.

Anyway, I still haven’t decided on a Nerf gun. I also haven’t decided which “big present” to get my youngest, or which boots or other item of clothing that changes as least a few times a week to get my teenager. Thankfully my oldest is just going to get a new phone. She really isn’t around enough to need/want anything else. Oh yeah, my son also wants the largest present under the tree this year (doesn’t matter what’s in it) since his younger sister had that honor last year. Kids, Christmas, and shopping are enough to wear a person out. It is a good thing Christmas is only once a year.

If you have any ideas on the best Nerf gun, please let me know.

10 thoughts on “Hours shopping for 10 minutes of unwrapping?

  1. Depends on the nerf gun. Some of them shoot darts that are made of two pieces. They haven’t lasted as long in our house as the foam balls, which are heavier but sturdy. But the noise that accompanies revving the one that propels balls is LOUD. Go with legos.

    • I don’t think I would like the loud ones…our house is noisy enough already. I will get some legos, and I did get him the “Air Hogs Fly Crane”, so maybe that will be enough. I think he would like one of those guns though. Too many decisions. 😉

  2. I have three nephews that LOVE those nerf-type guns. I’ve found that most of them take the same refills, and as for the shooter itself, the bigger the better. Some take batteries and display lights and make shooting noises, etc. – it depends on how much noise you want to come out of it if any. Refills are pretty cheap when they lose ammo.

    • Thanks, I saw online that some have batteries and I am going to try to find one that does not. What is it about boys and the size of their guns? 😉 I guess it starts young. All kidding aside, I think he would like a bigger one with that fits quite a bit of ammo, and I will definitely get some refills.

    • That would be wonderful. Maybe they should have tape measure type darts that shoot out and retract with the push of a button. Might be useful for tripping people who might otherwise stumble into the war zone.

    • Thanks! I was thinking the amount of ammo would be pretty important. I can already see him ambushing his dad or sisters. That one is less expensive than a lot of the others too. Thanks again.

  3. I am going to suggest a case of ping pong balls and some empty paper towel tubes in place of the Nerf Gun. You load the ping pong ball into the tube and blow! This will teach your son aerodynamics and help to build strong lungs. It also gives you the chance to say, “Why, when I was a kid we had to make our own toys!” My daughter still repeats, “Yea, I know, when you were a kid all you had was a stick and an oatmeal box for a toy!”

    • That is really a great idea. I could get all my kids in on the action with something that cheep, and you are right about the fact that it would help them physically too. A little creativity never hurt anyone.

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