7 x 7 Link Award

There are few people who you know in the wonderful world of blogging…yet, you feel as if you know them in real life…like a good friend.

Recently I was nominated for this award by one of those people…Life is a Bowl of Kibble is her blog and believe me, you will not waste your time if you check it out. She is wonderfully honest and will make you laugh out loud.

That being said, thank you very much and now I will get down to the dirty part of actually accepting the award and following the rules.

Here’s how this works.   The awarded selects seven of their own previous blog posts that represent certain categories: Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, Most Prideworthy, and then you pass the award along to seven new recipients.

So, without further ado…

Most Beautiful – This category is the hardest for me now, but I am going with “supermodel or home improvement store…is there really and difference?” because I have some weird thoughts on beauty, and they change depending on what time of the month it is, so that one is a safe bet.

Most Helpful – “What to do when you realize you’re an idiot” pretty self-explanatory why I chose that one, but it has a link at the end that is pretty important for this subject too… “Are Stupid People Smart Enough to Know They’re Stupid“, so you should probably read both.

Most Popular – My nominator linked this one on her blog, but “Bringing New Meaning to Political Cartoon” is my most popular post ever…really, I think it should have had a few million views by now…please, feel free to share that one…every American registered to vote needs to know what their options are.

Most Controversial – Ok, so this one has not been as controversial as it could be…which is kind of what the post is about, but I think it definitely raises a good discussion/controversy topic. Disturbing Trend

Most Surprisingly Successful – Forget This Middle Age Crap…I Want  To Be Old! – That post was actually the most viewed before I wrote the Political Cartoon thing. I don’t know if it is that most of us “middle agers” feel the same, or if people were shocked that I want to be old, but anyway, I meant everything I said in that post.

Most Underrated – Most of the post I wrote when I started this blog were not really seen much. Some good ones are: Top 5 Companies Trying to Take Over the World, Parenting: Dog vs. Cat Children, and Why Write a Blog.

Most Prideworthy – Probably…Best Things About Being Disabled.

Now, here are my nominees. I follow a lot of blogs, and read too many to list here, but these are just a few of the one’s I check in on. They represent a wide variety of interests. –

What I Meant 2 Say– funny, deep, thought-provoking…ok, she calls her dog Wonderbutt…you have to read her blog.

The Hook – The craziest thing about his blog is that the stories he tells are real. Who would have thought that being a bellman at a hotel would provide the perfect glimpse into people’s hearts…and sometimes their wallets.

Becoming Cliche – Another funny one…and so true. Stories from the heart, with plenty of funny-bone dessert.

I’m On the Band Wagon – I’m just going to copy their “about” – “For the purpose of this blog I am going to refer to myself as Jowett.  I am currently working on tour with a successful British music band. I work very closely with the members of the band and spend all my time around them. However, due to legal reasons, I cannot reveal the band’s identity.” Now, you band guys must know that I have been re-making Christmas carols, so maybe you should karaoke with my new lyrics and upload it to YouTube. It might give both of our careers a jolt.

Don’t Eat Dirt – I really like this blog and the woman who writes it. She quickly answers my million “health” questions, and she gives great advice.

Tick Tok – Sometimes funny, sometimes inspiring, or thought-provoking, etc.

Out Of Control Body – Sometimes it is really good to hear about the reality of life when it is not real easy. No matter how much we might wish the world was perfect and everything was rosy, there are a lot of people out there who are hurting. It is good sometimes to remind yourself of that fact, so you can pass some love and support to someone who may not be feeling as strong as you are that day.

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