8 thoughts on “Writing a book

  1. Well – OK ? I guess. Ever written before? What have you written – besides this
    blog? I’ve written and it is harder than one thinks – with some it comes like
    ‘second nature’ others (like me) a little more time.
    What are you going to write about!!!
    Do TELLL

    • I don’t think I will be able to write after taking my night-time medication. The whole book might just end up a few pages. Honestly, the weird behavior and speech after I take my medications at night kind of scares me (see next post). I think I need to talk to my doctor and tell him I have to get off some of this stuff.

      When I do start writing the book, I might ask you for some pointers. I don’t think the consistency of writing a full book will come very naturally. Thanks for the advice.

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