Book…and other things I don’t really remember

Good news…I really did/do think I’m going to write a book. Bad news, I can’t actually remember telling you that. Weird news, that doesn’t even sound like me. Short and sweet when I could elaborate? Y’all… I did go to college in Texas, but that’s stretching it.

So, yes, as my other personality (the southern, to-the-point, and already fully medicated one) mentioned, I do think I’ll write a book. I can’t give out too many details cause there are so many wonderful word press writers who might get their own medication and get crazy enough to steal my idea and write a better book (see, told you I like words too much to use them sparingly). Ok, I know that was not actually a sentence, but it was getting so long…

Anyway, like I was saying, I can’t talk about my book idea. (3 paragraphs for that!!!)

Long story short, I’m still going to blog (before I take my night meds) and thanks for caring about my ramblings. Also, let’s not worry too much about the short-term memory loss and weird voice. I also tried to walk last night after not walking at all in the last 7 months. It is a good thing my husband was there to talk me down from that one. Scary.

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