Thank you for continuing to hold…one of our representatives will be with you shortly.

This is the message I have been listening to for…23 minutes and 17 seconds now. I think we might have a miscommunication on the meaning of “shortly”.

I suppose this place really could be busy, but in my mind I can just see the receptionist twirling her hair and chewing gum as she tells someone who is actually there, all about her day. She has probably silenced the phone so that the little beeps to say “there is someone waiting for a little attention” don’t get so annoying.

Really, I might be totally wrong about that. For all I know, there is some man who works as one of their “representatives” who is trying to talk down some frustrated customer who is writhing in anger after sitting on hold for…28 minutes and 20 seconds.

It also could be that during the midst of this phone call, the “representative” got pregnant, went through the whole figure destroying process, and is currently in the hospital at this very moment delivering her long-awaited first born child.

Just in case, I should probably send flowers…or maybe a cookie basket. The gift basket companies couldn’t possibly be as busy as the company I am trying to reach is. In fact, if I call a florist I am sure I will get through right away. Of course, if I start talking to them on the other line there is a .000000001% chance that these people will actually answer the phone, then what would I do?

Well it’s been 34 minutes and 57 seconds now. I would just hang up and call back later, but that would be like getting beat up for a few rounds and then just walking away before the fight is actually over. I’m a glutton for punishment I guess.

16 thoughts on “Thank you for continuing to hold…one of our representatives will be with you shortly.

    • You really are quite brilliant you know. It would make the time more enjoyable if I knew I was in the same league as those guys who go swimming in frozen lakes. Well, the swimming might not be as painful. 😉

    • Good point. The funny thing is that I often don’t really take notice of the times when the receptionist picks up right away, or when I don’t have to wait in line, but the bad experiences are stuck in my mind.

  1. I hate the ones that don’t have music, though. When it’s just silence, I always wonder if I’m actually on hold or not- ’cause it would suck to be the boob sitting on the line for 30 minutes before the voice comes on and says, “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and then dial a number.”
    I was on hold for a platter…………… I could have driven down to the store (across town), ordered the thing and come home before I finally hung up- and then actually did drive to the store. Sheesh. Honesty would go a long way- I mean, if you have no intention of answering my call and letting me talk to someone, just tell me “I’m sorry, we’re not entertaining conversations today. Don’t call back; we’re not interested.” 🙄

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