Fix your relationship now!

Men, does your woman reach for her book just as you find a show that you thought both of you would enjoy?

Women, does your man act like the remote is an artificial limb necessary for survival in this modern world?

Couples, do you find yourselves longing for the early days of your relationship, when both of you enjoyed talking and doing things together?

Those times can be yours again! Introducing, for a limited time only, the For Better or Worse Cuffs. Just slip one on his arm and one on hers, and get ready to take your relationship to the next level. It is pretty hard to turn a page with one wrist in a cuff, and those tv snacks are un-reachable when you are cuffed to your partner. The first 20 minutes are good for a laugh, and after that it only gets better.

When you insert the key into the cuffs after you have reached maximum aggravation, one of 20 pre-recorded messages will play. You may hear a question such as “Could a woman really make a good president?” or a statement such as “I knew it wouldn’t get fixed on time”. Here are some more:

  • What did you really think when we found out we were having a baby?
  • Why a woman’s work is never done.
  • List reasons why men are better drivers.
  • What I think of when I hear the word “money”.
  • Who is a better cook, me or your mother?
  • You used to wear clothes like that.
  • Who taught you how to do laundry?

Each statement or question is designed to be answered by both partners (although some may be more difficult to answer due to gender differences).

Best of all, after using the For Better or Worse Cuffs for a few weeks you will wonder why you ever wished you would talk to each other more or spend more time together. Your mate reaching for a book or grabbing that remote will make you breathe a sigh of relief.

To order your For Better or Worse Cuffs for only 39.99, call 1-800-FBO-WCRX, but wait, if you order now, we will also send you free ankle cuffs for those of you whose relationship is really on the rocks.

Call now!

*Not responsible for any injury or death resulting from use of FBoWC. Must provide all credit card information at time of purchase, which could at any time be used for any purchase by us. Not valid in Maine or Puerto Rico.

8 thoughts on “Fix your relationship now!

  1. The only thing wrong with these is that they need a stretchy extension cord type thingy and a “have to go to the bathroom” setting…… just sayin’. 😉

    Oh! And ankle cuffs!!! To die for! I hope they are weighted- do they have a big ball thingy on the end of the chain?? 😆

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