Best Thing About Being Sick

Even the dark circles that are usually under my eyes are pale.

On a side note…I really am sick, so I probably wont be posting too much in the next few days, so here are some other entertaining people for you all to check out: – He’s sick too 😦

There are many other great bloggers I follow, but I really just need to close my eyes for a bit. If I didn’t mention you, but I follow you, just pretend we are secret lovers or something…ok, maybe don’t pretend that…just know I still like your blog.

14 thoughts on “Best Thing About Being Sick

    • Have you ever read “Captain Underpants” with your kids? You really should write a book series with Wonderbutt. All of your stuff is so good and funny. Each time I read your posts, I think there should be a book series or something, like “the adventures of Wonderbutt.

      Anyway, thanks for entertaining, and although your offer of drool is tempting, I think I’ll pass this time. I’ve had enough slimy stuff this past week as two of my kids were sick before they kindly gave it to me. 😉

    • Thanks for the condolences. I just made some chicken noodle soup yesterday, but could only eat a few bites, so don’t worry about it. Just keep entertaining me with your blog. Laughter really is the best medicine.

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