Hobbling around the issues: legalizing marijuana

Before I break out any very controversial issues, here is a kind of mild one…should pot be legal?

You may not know this (or you may have already guessed based on some of my other posts), but when I was a teenager I smoked marijuana (insert oo’s and ah’s here).

Although I don’t smoke anything now, I probably could get it prescribed if I was in a “legal” state because of my medical condition…Multiple Sclerosis. Honestly, at this point in my life, I doubt that I would want to use it, but the real issue is: Should it be legal?

My short answer is yes.

I believe that the prohibition of marijuana is similar to the prohibition of alcohol long ago. If it were legal, not only could we tax it and reap some of the benefits, our prison would not be quite as crowded with people who’s only conviction is marijuana use. I think that by legalizing it we could also set some safety standards for it. Also, the police would not have to devote as much time and effort into chasing this type of drug dealer down.

There are many different opinions about this issue. Here is a web link offering some of the pros and cons: http://www.balancedpolitics.org/marijuana_legalization.htm

So, what do you think?

16 thoughts on “Hobbling around the issues: legalizing marijuana

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  2. The amount of money and resources wasted on the “war” on drugs is outrageous. ALL recreational drugs should be legalized, taxed, and regulated like we do alcohol.

    • I think so too for the most part. I don’t know if I should really get into this, but…well let’s just say that some drugs are very dangerous, for the people around the user (if the drug user is just hurting themselves, I think that is up to them). Acid falls into this category. Back in the day, I was around someone on that drug and he freaked out, started breaking glass, threw a knife at someone and punched the girl I was there with. I hesitate legalizing that one because one minute he was fine, then suddenly crazy. For the most part I think legalization would be fine.

  3. I agree with Alan. I think we have to think of a new way to deal with this, since the old way definitely isn’t working. We really need to work more on education and making informed decisions about any kind of drug, including alcohol.

    • I think more people are hurt by alcohol and cigarettes than all the marijuana use. Especially if we took the big drug dealers out of the picture by legalizing it.

  4. Not a fan of controlled substances anymore (regardless of my “Other” answer), but I always thought a pot high was very similar to a good alcohol buzz.
    And if cigarettes are legal, yeah, pot definitely should be.

  5. People driving drunk is a HUGE problem (particularly where I live). Regulate and tax it. Save the prisons for real criminals- we’d cut down on a lot of crap if we did. Not too sure about hard core drugs though- those are still really bad and lethal to be taken lightly. Now, could you legalize use with mandatory education (like going hunting?)- hmmm, would have to think about that.

    They also ought to legalize, tax, and monitor prostitution. Lots of money to be made there. Still a moral issue, but so is any kind of abuse of your body………

    • I completely agree on both counts.

      I don’t know why we couldn’t have education about drug use. They educate our children about sex in public schools, so why not drugs. They should have a “Best Way to Ruin Your Life” class that addresses both issues. 😉

      It is also possible that if prostition were legal, and people could just go to a brothel or something, there would be less rape and other sexually motivated crimes.

  6. I’ve been for legalization (and taxation thereof) of marijuana for AGES! It’s so expensive . . . and while smoking ANYTHING is BAD (soot and tar clog up your lungs) – but eating it? Well then it just becomes good-for-you (in more ways than one!) “FIBER”. Yummm . . . magic brownies . . .

    Do I toke? Hell yeah! Because it keeps down “the dreams” (child abuse things; issues and whatnot – the kinds of things PTSD are made from) – and when I get into a rage it can calm me down (a good thing). Plus: it’s just fun.

    A cop I knew told me he’d rather raid a pot party than a crack party anytime. The potheads are just going to sit around being stoned . . . the others? Who knows . . .

    And as far as marijuana being a “gateway drug” – that’s just BS. The gate ain’t the drug – it’s the dealer you get it from. I’ve been a major meth addict before (mainline user) . . . so I know the route and know that one WELL (hell, I was even a dealer – AND a pot grower before). So I “got a clue” as to this “issue”. Legalize it – put it in the liquor stores (and card it) where it belongs – get the pot heads out of the prisons (which are waaayyy overpopulated) – and let’s get this ball rollin’ . . .

    Write your congressman. Often. I know I did and have done it – over and over again.

    And if you’re not too scared of “Big Brother” and The Feds, here’s the address to “NORML” – the organization that’s been around since the Stone(d) Ages trying to get it done: http://norml.org Join . . . and lets get thing done. 😀 (we also need a new smiley – one that’s got a ‘J’ hanging from his mouth, LOL’ing!!!)

    • So funny! Not all of it, but the funny parts are. 😉

      I wholeheartedly agree. Honestly, I don’t know why it’s not legal now. It seems to me that marijuana is either pushed off to the side by other “larger” issues, or it is blown up to the extreme by people who don’t really know much about it.

      It’s a plant. We use herbs. We eat vegetables. We eat fruit. We take all different kinds of vitamins which are supposed to relieve stress, reduce depression, etc.

      The fact that we even debate this issue is ridiculous to me. Thanks for the link, and hopefully in a few years we can all sit around eating brownies and laughing about this. ;j

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