Political Drama: A Little Like Reality TV

When I was a child I remember my parents basically shutting the world down when the President was on tv.

Tonight…now…is the State of the Union Address. I might be the only one, but I am a little annoyed at all the coverage on it. I am watching “Fatal Beauty: 15 Most Notorious Women”.

I really don’t think I’m unpatriotic or anything like that. I love my country, I just don’t really enjoy the politics. Speeches from politicians just seem like another work of fiction to me, and honestly, we have better writers on WordPress.

I don’t think “reality tv” is actual reality either, so I hope no one takes these views personally. I just prefer to watch real stuff tonight, like women who have lied, killed, or other things which have been proven in court.

Ok, for the sake of my country, I switched to the President. He is talking about tax reform…I may be wrong, but I believe this stuff has been said before. Isn’t talk of tax reform copyrighted by now?

Back to reality…Number 11 deadly preacher’s wife. Now that sounds a little more plausible.

2 thoughts on “Political Drama: A Little Like Reality TV

  1. Ya, I turned if off, too. Total fiction, read by a buffoon (imo) from a tele-prompter, written by snake-oil salesmen who can fluff and puff for hours without saying anything substantive………….

    • It really kind of made me sick to my stomach. I understand that lots of politicians, our president included, want to just wave a magic wand and have things their way, but that is best left in story books.

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