Vomit, my affair with Apple, and I’m still lovely…

The constitution needs an amendment to initiate a warning system for parents whose children are about to get sick. The government likes to be involved in the everyday life of its citizens, and we amend the constitution for everything else, so why not right?

If such a warning system were in place today, I still would be busy with one of the messy jobs of parenthood, but at least I could have run to the store for a gas mask and some gloves. One kid down (with the flu) a few more to go.

As far as my affair with Apple…it is a love hate kind of thing. Love them enough to write a song (see: All I Want For Christmas is Some Apple Stock). I hate that I dropped by phone from about 3 feet high (person in wheelchair is taller than they appear) and this time cracked the glass in the corner. This is not the first time I’ve dropped the phone, but I guess it was waiting for the worst possible moment to actually break.

That being said; today I was nominated by a lovely person herself at “Xanax or Running Shoes” for the One Lovely Blog Award.. This award is like a man…conditional…(just kidding husband dearest); but I think I am going to follow all the guidelines this weekend when I can concentrate. If I try to do it now, my post might be covered in broken glass and vomit, and I don’t think you all want to see that.

6 thoughts on “Vomit, my affair with Apple, and I’m still lovely…

  1. Good work, I just recently ruined my IPod Touch by accidentally snapping off the headphone adapter in the slot on…Words couldn’t describe the scene properly, although I could come up with something thrilling, it was like receiving a well placed kick in the ribs by a ninja. I need my tunes! Cool article.

    • I’m so sorry. My phone’s glass is now cracked all over, after replacing it since that post. It is frustrating when we accidently damage our toys. 😉 I understand needing your tunes though. Could you get the headphone jack out with a magnet? I have no idea, just a thought. Maybe some tape or some hot glue…it peels off easily, but might hold the thing enough. Sorry…I have no real ideas. Good luck though!

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