After cleaning up vomit, I am as lovely as I’m going to get.

If you read my blog yesterday, you would have noticed that 1. One of my kids was sick 2. The glass on my iPhone cracked 3. I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”.

The best part of yesterday was definitely this nomination…in fact, it might have just saved my life…well, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it definitely helped the mood of the day.

This nomination was given by the talented writer and mother at Xanax or Running Shoes?. So, first of all thank you very much for considering me and my lowly blog for such a great honor. Here are the rules:

1.Thank the person who nominated you. 2.Name your nominated blogs 10-15 is the standard number. Then notify them that you have done so. 3.Share seven things about yourself. – Perfect Lovely blog. He posts beautiful pictures and poetry as well as expressions of love for his daughter. – Sometimes deep, sometimes funny, always thought-provoking. – I recently discovered this blog, and she is quite the woman. Helps put life in perspective. – This blog has a little of everything, but always entertains.  – The name says it all. A blog about parenting, and a lot of other stuff guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

A few more awesome blogs are:,,,, and; but I’m not going to say anything else nice about them because I’m sure they already think I am a creepy stalker.

Ok, 7 things about myself: 36-24-36…ok, so maybe not, but in the blog world we can be anything right? So 3 down, hmm, how about I would marry chocolate if it were legal, I buy my kids holiday stuff (except Christmas) the day after so that it is half-price, I wish you all would pay to read this, and … I have a hard time thinking of things about myself that I havent already written about.

Thanks again Xanax!

20 thoughts on “After cleaning up vomit, I am as lovely as I’m going to get.

    • Phew, I was scared you would think I was a creepy stalker after I left those wilted roses and box of half-eaten chocolates on your blog, but I’m just a normal stalker right?…right?…I’m normal… 😉

  1. Congrats and you deserve the award. Everything you write is so very original even if it is a little disturbing at times. Better living through pharmacology I always say!

  2. Seven things about “The Hobbler” she won’t share about herself but I will:
    1. She’s beautiful
    2. She’s smart & witty
    3. She’s a great friend
    4. She loves MNO dates with good friends
    5. She loves a good pedicure
    6. She’s a great bible study leader who has a careful & listening ear
    7. She has a heart of gold that no one can match.

    • You are so sweet Katie. Im not leading Bible study anymore, I don’t really do the moms night out either. A lot has changed this past year. The rest of the stuff is a matter of opinion for sure, but I love that you think of me that way…now if we could just convince my husband. 😉

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