Why walk when you could fly update

This post probably won’t make much sense unless you read this first.

So, I’ve been thinking about the feather thing and maybe it would be better to get/make little parachute guys to drop with the real skydiver. We could put “I flew for___________” on the parachute for the little ones. Like, “I flew for the Hobbler” or “I flew for my mom” you get the idea right?

The feather just wouldn’t make as much of an impact as little paratroopers supporting the cause. Anyway, please let me know what you think.


8 thoughts on “Why walk when you could fly update

    • That’s so weird. I figured since dogs like sticking their heads out of the car window, they would really like to skydive. I never thought to actually ask a dog, so thanks for clearing that up. 😉

    • Yes, that’s what I was thinking (ms society making them). Especially if it was an annual event. They have branches all over the country, so distribution wouldn’t be a problem.

      You will have to let me know when you go…I’ll try to fall that day ;). Thanks so much for doing that. I know I’m a virtual stranger and I think it’s really cool that you would even consider doing something just cause I asked. Hey, could you send me a million dollars too? Seriously though, thank you.

  1. Plummeting plastic parachuters . . . falling from the sky . . .
    You might wanna rethink this and go back to the ‘feathers’ falling from the sky. Feathers wouldn’t make near the impact, I’m sure . . .
    But then again, just how much impact do you want – if you’re the one standing on the ground looking up at these things . . . and one of the parachuter’s parachutes doesn’t open up . . .
    Can you say “lawsuit”, anyone? (visions of someone standing in court – a little “GI Joe” kinda doll sticking up outta their head . . . saying “I don’ know, yer honor . . . I was just standing there lookin’ up when this guy kinda fell on my head . . .)
    Would be a method of getting your point across, though . . .

    (Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! No, a Plane! No . . . it’s plummeting parachuters from the sky! Run fer yer lives!!!! . . . “)

    • For a pothead you are sure making a lot of sense… I’m just teasing you. Some of the best ideas I ever had were when I was stoned…of course, I can’t remember what any of them were now; but that’s beyond the point. Yeah, feathers might be better afterall. Thanks for pointing that out. 😉

    • Yes…I thought about that. Someone pointed out that the little parachuters might cause a really big problem if their chutes didn’t open, so I think we’re back to feathers as well.

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