Surely I’m not the only one

10. Who occasionally wonders what life would be like if she had never been introduced to chocolate.

9. Who sometimes squints while looking in the mirror so her pimples, worry lines, other skin flaws don’t look so bad.

8. Who was horrified when her favorite movie was playing on AMC.

7. Who has thrown away or eaten the last cookie/candy/etc. so the kids don’t fight over it.

6. Who would probably write a book if not addicted to WordPress.

5. Who has eaten something off the floor (and told her kids not to).

4. Who has pretended to forget something just so she wouldn’t feel as guilty for not doing it.

3. Who would like her own island when it’s PMS time.

2. Who sometimes lingers in the bathroom just to be alone.

1. Who suspects all of her little weird habits are not so weird after all.

*Bonus: Who is glad that her husband doesn’t read her blog much.

18 thoughts on “Surely I’m not the only one

  1. Yup. You’re the only one. I never do any of these things. Ever.
    Ever, I say!
    (Crap, I’m busted, aren’t I?)
    (Just adjust a few answers for “straight guy” and this is all me)

    • That is understandable. Honestly, I’m really glad and a little surprised that people do all these things. I thought for sure I’d get some people thinking, eating stuff off the floor or some of the other things are just plain wrong. My husband is a little OCD, so he would freak out. 🙂

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  3. These are really funny and oh, so true. When you have kids, 5 and 7 happen weekly. Wonderbutt’s mom sent me over. So, nice to meet you. And happy birthday!

    • Thank you, I am so glad you came over. I am also so glad that people can relate to some of the weird stuff I do. Maybe it’s not so weird afterall. 😉

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